Stephen Wright and John Yates.

Who is behind the Goggzilla expose of corruption at New Scotland Yard? I never hid my real name, so the female colleague of Stephen Wright is no further on. Nor it seems “Zed” (Lord Stevens who is annoyed with me) nor John Yates who reads this daily. As to my address, Monaghan. Or Portlaoise. Or Kildare.

One wonders if “Quest” will get involved in tracing me? Shall I ask Glenn Mulcaire? Finally for this brief entry today perhaps Stevens and Yates want to swap? Fine, jail the bent ex Det Con now living in Southery, PE38, 0HU and also look at the far from anorexic Mr Hurst of Bolton.

God repays – but not with money.

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The Beardall Files.

Major Antony Watkins-Burton loomed large yesterday. The Norfolk resident had a ponderous hand in the fitting up of Barry Beardall and over one hundred others. HMRC worked in the UK and abroad to entrap innocent exporters, including some in the Near East.

The Turkish element in the equation is the unwitting use of Asil Nadir as a conduit for illegal shipments to the Saddam regime, in Iraq. One doubts that the Turks or other Muslims in the Umma would be happy with a known neo nazi such as Derek Haslam of “Abacus Security Consultants” being involved.

Turkish Cyprus was used as a staging post by Bernie Small and an M.I.5 “officer” who will soon be identified.  The fitting up of Elizabeth Forsythe, of South Audley Managment, can be read about in the link below.

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Operation Gestalt and Asil Nadir.

Barry Beardall is no saint, but he is no demon either. VAT fraud will figure largely in this post as will dubious if not downright illegal dealings by the HMRC. First on stage is the wonderfully named Major Antony Watkins-Burton. An ex logistics officer in the army, he was behind arms deals to the Kurds (PKK) and the exploiting of Asil Nadir’s company in both Turkish Cyprus and elsewhere, who were an unwitting part in the plot.

Bernie Small, an undercover investigator for the Customs and Excise also has a walk on part. We already know of bent ex cops Dave Woods and Chris Jarratt who had a hand in Op Gestalt, and corruption with exports and imports. The not terribly bright “Abacus Security Consultants” of Lynn Road, Southery, PE38, 0HU crop up. They (or he for it had a sole staff of one, letter added at conclusion) could not find Watkins-Burton. Charged £2500 too. Took me less than an hour. Quite odd as Watkins-Burton and his wife Julie lives not far from “Abacus HQ” in Norfolk and (gasp) links to Acle. So say Hi to Sid Fillery for me?

Barry Beardall was rumoured to have “invented” the character of Jennifer Costello, however he did not invent Gerald Beeney, a solicitor in Reigate. The shenanigans of the HMRC led to over 100 people being sent to jail in a glorified entrapment. Watkins-Burton emerges to become part of the “Amar Trust” who are a charity (?) which give aid to Iraqi Kurds. A big name to appear is that of Emma Nicholson, ex M.P, who is now Baroness Winterbourne.

E.T Logistics (of Cairo) had a role in the curious shipments that Watkins-Burton and MI5 goons set up. The seriously bent HMRC under the aegis of Sir Brian Unwin helped. Step forward his second in command, Cedric Andrew now living in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with his wife Barbara. I must e-mail him later.

More exotic yet is Michael Boparan (alias Alexander Surin) a drugs lord with a sideline informing to HMRC. There we have it, fitting up, framing and dodgy dealings with queer companies. Don’t take my word for it. Jennifer Costello’s affadavit is in the public domain (I will link to it tomorrow) and here is “Abacus Security” using all their acumen to take £2500 for no work. Criminal. What would P.C James A. Haslam of Norfolk Police say of such criminal activity, eh?



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Operation Zloty and the Vian connection.

Following on from yesterday and it can be revealed that “Mr X” in Tom Harper’s “Independent” article is “showbiz bodyguard” Paul Goodridge. Goodridge was formerly hired by Richard Harris to work in protection and also guarded Leslie Grantham. Goodridge knew Charlie Kray and is related by marriage to Kim Vian. The Vian family, you will recall includes Glenn Vian who played an dubious role in the Daniel Morgan case.

In fact Paul Goodridge was to meet with Morgan and Rees in a pub car park. It was Goodridge’s connection to Morgan that saw him arrested by an increasingly desperate Hampshire Constabulary in February 1989. The charges were dropped and after three weeks in H.M.P Winchester Goodridge received a £88,000 pay out in compensation.

Finally, how much weight can Harper and other journalists place on Mr X testimony? It seems the “Independent” source(s) are not as concrete as Lebedev should hope. Egg on face time, Yevgeni. Yet again. Ooh Matron, jellied eels.

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Daniel Morgan, Op Othona and John Yates.

Tom Harper continues the tradition of getting it wrong. A brave man told me that the Davidson who was named in the “Independent” piece on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up is not Menorca’s best known bar owner (who may now have returned to Britain) but a Det Sgt Malcolm Davidson, who was the officer manager for the Morgan murder enquiry. So Obnoxious Jock had nothing to do with the Morgan case, although he had plenty to do with that of Stephen Lawrence.

It is to Det Sgt Malcolm Davidson we turn now – he was in hot water over allowing ex Det Sgt John Ross and a “Daily Express” hack into the incident room. Malcolm Davidson had his moment of fame after being duped by Scientologists into having author Russell Miller interrogated as a suspect in the Daniel Morgan murder inquiry.  Ross worked closely with News International and deserves a paragraph all his own.

John Ross was acquitted in 2005 in a case of “aiding and abetting wilful misconduct in public office”. He had paid Det Con Dougall £200 for information pertaining to the Special Branch. Ross was also a figure in the notorious John Bindon trial. The “Daily Mail” paid Ross £50,000 for inside knowledge of the death of Tory M.P Stephen Milligan in Hammersmith. Milligan had accidentally strangled himself while wanking off with an orange in his mouth. Chacun a son gout.

Now back to the Daniel Morgan cover up. The Burnton enquiry used the “Case Map” Lexis Nexis format. Why the upsurge recently by the “Daily Mail” and Stephen Wright in particular over a story that has little but rehashed details? Wright is a close buddy of John Yates, they will be on vacation together soon, and Wright attended Commander Dave Cox’s leaving booze up. Wright and Yates often drank in the “Sanctuary” in Tothill Street, London, SW1H.

Cox will be of interest to Irish readers as he led the dire H.E.T (Historical Enquiries Team) which allowed the PSNI/RUC to get off the hook and numerous assassinations of Catholics by Loyalists.  Asst Commissioner Bob Quick and Yates both held the same post. Lord Stevens (or Zed as the Indy still call him) was closely involved with Andy Hayman, erstwhile Chief Constable of Norfolk. All want the heat which Operation Othona has generated to die down hence the love in with a certain “Daily Mail” hack.

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Ray Adams and Stephen Lawrence.

Both Neil Chenoweth and the “Daily Mail” have done great work this week on the dubious record of Ray Adams. John “OJ” Davidson, an erstwhile resident of Menorca now rumoured to be in Florida, is a central figure in the Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Morgan murder cover ups, but other names keep popping up. Alan “Taffy” Holmes of “Manor Of Bensham 7114″ lodge (who committed suicide) and the now disgraced ex Det Sgt David Coles better known to many as “Officer XX”.

Adams may not be as black as he is painted, corrupt certainly, but awake to some of his underlings, such as Derek Haslam, a paid police informer and perjurer, now retired in Norfolk, being unreliable. Adams blocked Haslam’s return to Tooting after Haslam had drunkly killed a pedestrian when driving, something “The Met” never looked into.

Adams was in “Blackheath 1320″ lodge (mistakenly written as 1302 in The Untouchables) and his links to News International bring a spotlight on Alex Marunchak, and dubious practices on reporting events from Northern Ireland amongst other scandals.

Finally for today what will be New Scotland Yard’s next course of action? A continuation of the cover ups seems unlikely but the awful vista of just how bent “justice” is in Britain may prove explosive in extremis.

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Stephen Amos, Ben Cowburn and Norfolk.

It is beyond doubt now that the “unidentified comedian” is none other than Stephen K Amos. The storm concerning the lack of interest by the Metropolitan Police in beginning an investigation raises some pertinent points. Does Britain operate a dual system of “justice” when it comes to celebrities? One law for the rich another for the poor?

Does anonymity work in a digital age? Anyone outside the UK can and will publish details on all manner of topics. Also, are gay deaths and suspicious suicides treated with less rigour than straight ones?

One asks this as for years a noted homophobe, an ex Det Con with the Met, has posted gay hate messages and race hate from I.P addresses in Norfolk. One was even linked to King’s Lynn police station. When the PSD were contacted nothing happened. Time to contact the Chief Constable? Oh wait he is in the same masonic lodge as the EDL organiser. The Ben Cowburn-Stephen Amos case highlights just how corrupt policing is in England presently.

Thanks to the thousands of you who read this blog in the last hour. Viewing statistics are through the roof. There is a petition for Ben. So do please sign.

Queer how plod do not arrest those who publish Islamophobic race hate.

Queer how plod do not arrest those who publish Islamophobic race hate.


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