Jean Hatchet.

Goggzilla has always been a particularly vociferous supporter of Ched Evans, Aggro Santos and all others falsely accused of rape. The release of Ched recently has caused a Feminazi backlash, headed by one “Jean Hatchet” who admits to anonymity, thereby fatally compromising “her” argument. It seems that Hatchet is neither female nor a person but a group of North Wales Police c*nstables.

The “Daily Star” went with the heading “Footie rape girl is named” as the second identity of a malicious rape accuser and failed blackmailer was targetted. One hears that she was “outed” by a Russian blogger, if so more UK taxpayers money will be used to finance her “Big Win and Pink Minis”. Another fake identity, another exposure. It will not end until either anonymity is dropped for rape accusers (let us see the false allegations rate plummet in that case) or the regranting of anonymity to rape trial defendants.

Following high profile acquittals such as R v Roache, R v Turner and R v Davidson, pressure grows on the UK to adopt ECHR legislation rather than plod’s attempts to ¬†boost figures by jailing the innocent.

Fight The Power.

All Cats Are Beautiful.

Always Carry A Bible.

Rom 12.19 (KJV).

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The illegal activities of paid informer Derek Haslam.

I do not know S Harris but admire their tenacity in uncovering (like myself) police corruption.

The above makes for interesting reading. Operation Huscote dealt with Derek Haslam but evaded many of the main issues surrounding his perjury and the Metropolitan Police’s abuse of process.

Time for answers now. Which Court of Appeal judge was involved in the recent case of R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell and an earlier one which denied Barry Beardall justice?

Lord Justice Holroyde.


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The assassination of Mark Duggan by the coward V53.

On Saturday 4th October at 5 pm in Tottenham attention will be drawn to the extrajudicial killing of Mark Duggan, an unarmed young black male, by the yet as unidentified “V53″. Alongside Leon Briggs the pattern emerges of ‘roided up racist police shooting (or otherwise killing) the innocent. The IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops) insists on blocking any and all attempts to bring justice to the Duggan family.

As with Forest Gate a “shoot now, obfuscate later” attitude holds sway with The Met. Thus far the police involved ( Q63, R31, R68, V48, V53, V59, W42, W70, Z51) all hide behind pixillated anonymity.


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Police and Crime Commissioner, South Yorkshire, Justice For Ched manifesto.

The jailing of Ched Evans for a “rape” that did not take place is to end soon. Mr Evans will hopefully rejoin Sheffield United and in due course be exonerated. In the interim, one looks at the lack lustre offerings of main political parties with regard to the by election of a PCC in South Yorkshire.

Labour are fatally compromised over the Rotherham scandal.

English Democrats are “yet to confirm” whether they will field a candidate.

Conservatives? Nothing to offer South Yorkshire, jejune and devoid of policy initiatives.

UKIP named Jack Clarkson an hour ago.

Liberals? Their supporters could comfortably hold a meeting in a phone booth.

That leaves the Independent “Justice For Ched” candidate. With a proven track record in civil liberties – deletion of 1.76 million samples of innocent folks DNA – let us build on this success and have fully accountable and transparent policing.

The donut eating surrender monkeys of South Yorkshire Police will have to begin working for their £60,000 a year (basic plus overtime). Priorities are to catch burglars and muggers not placard holding hippies.

“Justice For Ched” is very happy to link to allied campaigns such as “Justice For Leon Briggs” in Bedfordshire where a black man was kicked to death by racist police. No cover ups allowed regarding police corruption.

Finally, with Labour dead in the water give consideration to “Justice For Ched”, currently working on abuse of process and police perjury in the Thurnscoe district.

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Conversation with a Mameluke, Part Deux.

I.G “You have seen the internet? All the allegations against you? They are not all false surely?”

Haslam “Woss all vaht abaht ven?. I don’t know nuffink”.

I.G “The photo on is you though”

Haslam “Well, yes, well no, woss all vis abaht?”

I.G “Have you read Goggzilla?”

Haslam “He is speaking aht ‘is arse.”

I.G “May we quote you on that?”

Fade, end scene. Tomorrow, will the “Justice For Ched” candidate set forth his manifesto here? Wait and see folks.

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Open letter to Kevin McCabe and Jim Phipps.

Dear Mr McCabe and Mr Phipps, I am writing to urge you to reinstate Ched Evans. Mr Evans was the victim of a major miscarriage of justice regarding a false and malicious rape allegation. High profile recent acquittals such as those of Aggro Santos and William Roache along with Michael Le Vell, show that the law is indeed an ass. Currently, hysterical single issue feminist led pressure groups are attempting to force Sheffield United into abandoning one of the club’s best hopes for future promotion. I call on you to stand by Ched and do the right thing – sign him at once. We all eagerly await the outcome of Ched’s appeal and feel sure you’ll join all Blades supporters by wishing Ched Evans all the best. Yours Sincerely, Ciaran Goggins.

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South Yorkshire Police. PCC Justice For Ched.

The exit in ignominy and disgrace of Shaun Wright (Labour) as PCC for South Yorkshire means that there will soon be a new election. Thus far the PCC’s in England have been nothing more than place men for the main parties. Is it then time for an Independent candidate, a change? Given the level of police corruption in South Yorkshire and elsewhere the response must be “Yes”.

In that vein the “Justice For Ched” campaign wishes to put forward a candidate to stand in the forthcoming election. Whilst the main remit will obviously be the huge gap in trust between the public and police the candidate will also link up with the Justice For Leon Briggs and like minded anti police corruption candidates across England.


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