Australian superinjuctions and Indonesia, Malaya, Vietnam.

Quite a few prominent names will be embarrassed over Wikileaks exposing the Australian government’s attempts on 19th June to stifle a story on corruption. Obviously taking a line from bent ex cops such as John Yates the establishment in Australia is banning mention of

Truong Tan San

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Megawati Sukharnoputri

Mohammed Najib Abdul Razak

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Pak Lah

Puan Noni

Nguyen Tan Dung

Justice Hollingworth

Thomas Brady

Peter Sinclair Hutchinson

John Leckenby

Steven Kim Wong

Christian Boillot

Clifford John Gerathy

Myles Andrew Curtis

Mahathir Mohammed

Daim Zainuddin

Rafidah Aziz

Hamid Albar

Laksamana Sukardi

Le Dong Thuy

Nong Duc Manh

and you can read the whole list on Wikileaks along with something about Gillian Elizabeth Bird.

It is fast approaching the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War. Australia disappoints me with it’s suppression of freedom, just like Britain and corruption in Norfolk Police “The Met” and elsewhere. Land fit for heroes? We are still waiting



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Max Mosely photographs.

As I have a few minutes before “The Mindy Project” begins on E4 (hasn’t it gone downhill this series?) I read that Max Mosely wants his photographs taken down from Google. One was previously posted on Goggzilla on 25 June 2014 under the blog title “Ben Sullivan and four names” and I will put the other one here along with a query. Following Simon Tomlin of Derby’s arrest for harassment of anti police corruption maven Ian Puddick, when will Norfolk Police nick his twink Derek Gordon Haslam? “Worshipful Brother, on the square”. Enjoy this shot of Mosely who seems rather tied up.

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Sunshine Squad, Martin Bridger and Operation Tempura.

The “Daily Mail” (usually so close to bent ex cop John Yates) now has an article on the activities of Martin Bridger, another dodgy policeman. As I wrote on 22, Nov 13 the investigation into irregularities was dubbed “Operation Tempura” and the Cayman Islands is now the focus of some unwanted attention. The FCO may wish to bury the findings which boil down to Bridger claiming massive expenses and arrests that led nowhere.

J’accuse – Martin Bridger of corruption, along with John Yates and sundry other lower ranks. Might I suggest they sue me and take a look at a laptop in Norfolk?

UPDATE. Following my Freedom of information request. Norfolk Constabulary got back to me with this one liner “Ref 229/14/15 We cannot give any details of death threats made to P.C James A Haslam.” Thing is the request was about P.C Haslam’s Dad who received an£180,000 out of court settlement for “mental illness” from “The Met” yet also had £6400 in alarms fitted to his unsellable £240,000 property at 11 Lynn Rd, Southery, PE38.

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AON Ltd and British Coal Respiratory Diseases Litigation.

AON Ltd, a high risk insurance firm based in Sheffield, employed 26 private investigators to assess 8000 claims by former miners over Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In all less than 100 claims were fraudulent. An academic at Sheffield Hallam University was highly critical of the government handling of claims.
Not least of all was the use of Derek Gordon Haslam, now at 11, Lynn Rd, PE38, who deliberately sabotaged claims, he was particularly vicious to a family in Thurnscoe. Haslam received £3600 per month pay and £1500 in expenses.

Update to follow later. OK here goes – some seriously bent activity went on, compensation that ought to have gone to miners was pocketed by dubious one man operations such as Haslam’s. The NUM are now aware of what is going to be a growing scandal. Haslam additionally received £180K out of court from the Metropolitan Police (plus costs) for his “nervous breakdown”. Enough to buy a villa in Goa for himself and “Old Fat Arse”. Links to the DHSS, DWP and other government bodies will draw a sharp focus on those implicated in any irregularities.

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Kingston, Reynolds, O’Connell.

Commiserations to three of “The Met” who were fitted up by CIB3. The farcical summation by Rafferty LJ can be read here

Note no mention of the perjury and abuse of process swirling around bent ex cop Derek Haslam of 11, Lynn Road, Southery, PE38, of which more later. Much centred on Neil Putnam’s testimony and “O.J” John Davidson, formerly of Menorca. The judiciary may feel that the tsunami has subsided but not so – the cases of Eamon Harris, Barry Beardall and many others all hinge on Haslam’s mendacity which was so richly rewarded by the public purse and the Metropolitan Police.

Dirty cops and bent justice indeed – we did not feel that Rafferty et al would come down in favour of “The Groovy Gang” but how did Haslam (alias Michael Green, Joe Poulton) know the verdict last night? He dwells mostly on the “My Telegraph” site (Jim Khana, Tom Bowler and hundreds of other ID’s contrary to T&Cs) also “Old Holborn”. Haslam is worried, so much so that he sold 9 Lynn Rd for £150,00 in April (nice little earner as he paid £80,000 for it) however he put 11 Lynn Rd up for £239,950 with no luck.

Finally why was £6400 of alarm and security settings fitted by Norfolk Police at public expense? Is Derek getting viable deaths threats?

CIB3 to the rescue eh? UPDATE. As of 12.30 (Twitter) Legal eagle Kaim Todner may appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court. Highly dubious of Rafferty LJ and her avoidance of abuse of process and perjury in “The Groovy Gang” case.

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Stakeknife, Derek Haslam “Michael Green” and “The Groovy Gang”.

Tomorrow at 10.30 am in Court 8 at the Royal Courts Of Justice the verdict on three cases will be handed down.

201302954 Thomas Gordon Kingston

201302955 Thomas Reynolds

201302956 Terence O’Connell.

These former policemen will be before Rafferty, LJ, Justice Holroyde and Justice Burnett. I draw you attention now to yet another inaccurate article in “The Independent” on Wednesday 26th June 2013 by Mr Harper–corrupt-private-investigators-infiltrate-witnessprotection-programme-8673726.html

The alias of “Michael Green” is that of Derek Haslam, 11, Lynn Rd, Southery, PE38. Haslam was, and is, a paid perjurer employed by the Metropolitan Police, News International and the Daily Telegraph among others. His son is currently with Norfolk Police, in Kings Lynn and lives in Downham Market. Initially I thought the supergrass alluded to was Neil Putnam but Duncan Hanrahan fits the bill far better. Also, “Mr Brown” is Sid Fillery who escaped jail for child porn (Level One) and passed at least one image to Derek Haslam.

The Stephen Lawrence case is one which in addition touches on what is now coming to light, endemic police corruption, likewise the sorry tale of Freddie Scappaticci or “Stakeknife”. In deference to Paul Larkin and Tom Griffin, both experts in Ulster affairs, Goggzilla will concentrate on the cesspit of Haslam and his bosses, Andy Hayman, Lord Stevens, John Yates et al. Before I leave the Northern Irish part of the story we need to examine the mendacious character of Ian Hurst. His home address is now in Bolton, Lancashire. At no time did Hurst have any direct contact with Stakeknife, nor rise above the rank of Sergeant.

The Groovy Gang were fitted up by Haslam (a.k.a Michael Green or Joe Poulton) who also used abuse of process and perjury in R v Harris (Eamon Harris), R v Beardall, the Reg Elliot case, plus many others including the Thurnscoe miners compensation claims. To conclude, Rafferty and her fellow judges may look to allow Haslam (Michael Green, Joe Poulton) off the hook but the tsunami of shit waiting will overwhelm them.


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Ben Sullivan of Oxford and four names.

For the past decade Goggzilla has campaigned on a daily basis concerning the issue of false and malicious rape allegations. Current legislation is contrary to the ECHR yet only when Nigel Evans and Ben Sullivan were victims did the Establishment react. With 33% of allegations in 2013 false and/or malicious it is time for action.

In this spirit, given the fact that Sullivan was named but his accusers were not is it apposite to redress the balance? Shall we ask

Anna Bazley

Anna Bradshaw

Helena Dollimore or possibly even Sarah Pine, one is told that the two accusers are in that list. max-mosley-orgy






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