Open letter to Kevin McCabe and Jim Phipps.

Dear Mr McCabe and Mr Phipps, I am writing to urge you to reinstate Ched Evans. Mr Evans was the victim of a major miscarriage of justice regarding a false and malicious rape allegation. High profile recent acquittals such as those of Aggro Santos and William Roache along with Michael Le Vell, show that the law is indeed an ass. Currently, hysterical single issue feminist led pressure groups are attempting to force Sheffield United into abandoning one of the club’s best hopes for future promotion. I call on you to stand by Ched and do the right thing – sign him at once. We all eagerly await the outcome of Ched’s appeal and feel sure you’ll join all Blades supporters by wishing Ched Evans all the best. Yours Sincerely, Ciaran Goggins.

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South Yorkshire Police. PCC Justice For Ched.

The exit in ignominy and disgrace of Shaun Wright (Labour) as PCC for South Yorkshire means that there will soon be a new election. Thus far the PCC’s in England have been nothing more than place men for the main parties. Is it then time for an Independent candidate, a change? Given the level of police corruption in South Yorkshire and elsewhere the response must be “Yes”.

In that vein the “Justice For Ched” campaign wishes to put forward a candidate to stand in the forthcoming election. Whilst the main remit will obviously be the huge gap in trust between the public and police the candidate will also link up with the Justice For Leon Briggs and like minded anti police corruption candidates across England.


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Seems to be tension bubbling away beneath the surface regarding Nick Davies and Christine Hart. The Leveson enquiry looks like a tea party as the ramifications of “Operation Megan” break open. One almost feels sorry for John Yates et al.

No sympathy however for debt collector and wannabe Private Investigator Ian Hurst (a.k.a Martin Ingram) of Bolton. The Walter Mitty claims of Hurst regarding Freddie Scappaticci are returning to bite him on his not inconsiderable backside.

On the subject of revenge how many “contracts” are there on the life of a retired paid police perjurer now living at in Norfolk?


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Operation Megan.

Drawing your attention to my post of 12th June. The “Daily Mail” actually got the drop with the “Mail On Sunday” and this link.

“Operation Megan” partly concerns  the murder cover up of Daniel Morgan. The Vian Brothers, James Cook, Sid Fillery and Jonathan Rees are suing New Scotland Yard for £3.9 million (not £4 million as stated) over a failed attempt to frame them. Use of Gary Eaton (a man with major mental health issues) as the main police witness cannot have helped.

Theresa May thinks it will take a year for Baroness O’Loan to find out what happened. I can assure her it will take far less time.

Det Supt Douglas Campbell does not come out of this well, nor do Det Con Noel Cosgrave and Det Con Leonrd Flint.

Attention must be drawn to Operation Abelard II and a paid police perjurer, who, like Fillery, lives in Norfolk and likes kiddie porn. I am told that John Yates “does not like” Goggzilla. Well, Yates, hanging round with bent ex cops such as Derek Haslam is not going to improve your situation. Nor will Op Megan which will shine a light onto your coterie’s less than legal proceedings.

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Groovy Gang – update.

Kaim Todner, one of the UK’s foremost legal teams are seeking leave to appeal Rafferty LJ’s ruling before the Court Of Appeal to take the case of R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell before the Supreme Court.
Alun Jones QC, ought to get a “result” this time. Abuse of process and perjury formed the bedrock of the main prosecution argument, and for a fuller picture of what a paid perjurer can do look here -

A renewed interest in the “Groovy Gang” case would be damaging for the Metropolitan Police and New Scotland Yard, not least as it opens up an awful vista of bent ex cops and dirty justice.

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John Yates and Westfield.

One needs to question the legality and legitimacy of John Yates (erstwhile top plod in London, then advisor to Bahrain’s torture regime, now security chief at Westfield) being involved in hacking customer’s phone.

Australia, I am disappointed in you. Democracy or a shabby third world police state such as Britain?
Finally, I am off to points east soon. King’s Lynn, the Baltics, ans Finland. Have fun with a Finn.

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The Groovy Gang.

Sharp eyed regular readers will not that Goggzilla is slimmer than usual. Indeed, apart from a few allusions to Max Mosley and a take down of the Australian government there is not much that would scare Granny. I am off abroad soon. Before I go it would be nice to do a bit of vermin control in Norfolk. Talking of which, may I recommend a new blog?

which deals almost exclusively with Norfolk Police, corruption, “The Met” and a series of unfortunate incidents in Thurnscoe which may soon lead to an arrest. If not some awkward questions will be asked of New Scotland Yard.
What of here? A new departure? Blogging on emergent national identity in the Former Soviet Union? The state of politics in Finland? Hollywood gossip? Drop me a line on what you would like to read.

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