Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Why is the west so afraid of Islam? A socially engaged faith, it is the sole religious group that causes jitters in Whitehall and Westminster. A study of the Qu’ran is now seen as subversive with masjids in Britain divided into trustworthy and compliant and those that preach and engender radicalism.

Intelligent Muslims have no animosity to the Bani Yehudi yet stereotypes of mad mullahs abound. Perhaps Bramshill fears Islam as it will not be cowed, the Umma stands up against the sort of persecution that is so typical of “the establishment” here. Finally the far right uses Islam as a vote catcher (the BNP, C 18 and EDL lost out with Holocaust denial) and we know how many police support the neo-nazis in Britain.

Oderint dum metuant. Eh?

Queer how plod do not arrest those who publish Islamophobic race hate.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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10 Responses to Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

  1. Araminta says:

    Yes, intelligent Muslims, and there are many, do not hate anybody.

    So this is where you are now.

    Just would like to say thank you. I’m sure you know why. 😉

    • goggzilla says:

      The Islamophobic spiel leaves me cold. Katie’s site is interesting, but you’d be as welcome there as I would be at Charioteers. It is all a bit complex for adults, and as I said to Katie and repeat here – Mintoushka never did me any harm and I see no need to attack her. We do not see eye to eye on many issues but as with the better Torygraph commentators we agree to differ in a civilised manner!

  2. goggzilla says:

    Love to Bilby, I have no animosity to the Charioteers and wish them well. I think it is called “civilisation” when folks disagree agreeably. Is “Larry” taking down comments on Katie3? The fun never ends with that rascal!!

  3. Araminta says:

    I know, you are really exceedingly forgiving.

    Will pass on your comment to Bilby. 🙂

  4. goggzilla says:

    WE shall see if T*G is banned or not, that should prove which way the wind blows. Ohm.

  5. Levent says:

    Q: Why is the west so afraid of Islam?
    A: Cos we are fearsome beasts. Ahahahahahahahaha

    Hello Shanghai.

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