From the Vistula to G8.

I have not written about the forthcoming summit for some time now, concentrating as I was on the links to “News International” payments to sundry scum in “Southern Investigations” and The Met. Police and repression are a key note of G8 – warning about land-rover snatch squads already make their way into the public domain. Do the PSNI/RUC know that the under chassis is the weak spot? Dissident republicans do.

G8 opens what Denning would term an “unimaginable vista” the prospect of losing is just too dire for plod to bear. It would not merely entail a few punches and kicks then be forgotten. Broadwater Farm would be the least of it.

The theme of history is one that appeals to many. It was unimaginable that the Warsaw ghetto would rise up. G8 will be a “Big Ask” for the far left and allies but the time is right as are the conditions. Drones, speed boats and overpaid ‘roided out goons versus 20,000 down home lefties? Land fit for heroes?  We were sold a false bill of sale and are angry. Resistance is fertile.

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5 Responses to From the Vistula to G8.

  1. jaded48 says:

    Anyone out there that can make sense of this rubbish? What happened to Dibell?

  2. jaded48 says:

    I don’t suppose you lefty scum understand irony do you?

    • goggzilla says:

      Officers with 5 minutes in the job driving like lunatics to rubbish calls (without being reined in by the section Sergeant)
      The previous driver of the vehicle leaving all his rubbish in it
      The previous driver not knowing where the petrol station is before handing the car over
      Specials-badly trained and taking our overtime but being fawned over by the SMT as if they are the answer to our shortages,
      Lots more but don’t want to rant…………

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