Peer Gynt and police corruption.

Those of you who read this avidly will have noticed how much slimmer it is (unlike myself). The Goggzilla blogge is now pretty much a single issue – that of police corruption. But like a bad onion, police corruption has many layers.

B is for Brecqhou and links between the Barclay Brothers and far right groups such as the EDL, and Bluehand, via off shore funding in Monaco.

D is for Daniel Morgan whose “panel” for the Burnton tribunal is taking a long time. One wonders why?

W is for wealth, and how it is amassed by dodgy ex police who perjured their way through The Met (R v Harris anyone?).

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3 Responses to Peer Gynt and police corruption.

  1. jaded48 says:

    C is for Cardiff 3.

    • goggzilla says:

      Excellent game! G is for Guildford 4, J is for John Davidson, M is for MRF and Finucanes murder, N is for Nonce (Sid Fillery and his pal) P is for Payment via Marunchauk, Q is for QC, S is Sinister as in Morgan murder cover up, T is for Twat (most police are), Z is for Zdrojewski;)

  2. jaded48 says:

    A is for alcoholic chain smoking **** which “Shit Giro” is. See what I did there?

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