The accidental murder of Robert Hamill – Mahaffey cover up?

Dear Readers, With the jury retiring until 10.30 tomorrow our attention turns to bent cops at The Met, namely the Clouseauesque DCI Jarratt. Not so funny was his bungling of the John Worboys rape case but did you know there is a Northern Irish connection?

Armagh is a small and divided county, like most of Ulster. Robert Hamill was beaten to death in front of a RUC/PSNI landrover. His murder remains one of many that HET have comprehensively fucked about with.

Link to Jarratt and bent perjuring police in London is via Chris Mahaffey who buried and occluded evidence and took statements that all but exonerated his colleagues in the B Specials. Update – Mahaffey “investigated” cleared those who killed Duggan and Tomlinson.

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6 Responses to The accidental murder of Robert Hamill – Mahaffey cover up?

  1. Olivia Nix says:

    Very interesting. (BTW it’s Chris Mahaffey (not McHaffey). So Mahaffey made it to Northern Ireland along with former Met Police DPS Untouchables Dave Woods and Martin Bridger

  2. Olivia Nix says:

    I think Bridger is too scared to set foot in the Caymans. (What corruption went on there!!!) Looks like he is getting his ass sued.

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