Conversation with a Mameluke.

John ” So what is all this about Goggzilla?”

Haslam “‘E ‘as bin making me loife a roight misery. ‘E is a Sorn Orf Prick.”

John “That is neither here nor there”.

Haslam ” ‘E says ‘e is far left an’ e’ wants to hinflict damage orn the Ukay. ‘E got done for looking at police corruption in Norfolk. Norf Wales too. You wanna…you wanna (sounds like frottage on the phone line) nnnggg report ‘im to Greater Manchester.

John “So basically you have nothing on him?”

Haslam ” I was a police hofficer. ‘E ‘as an accarnt on Twitter.”

John “So you must have an account as well?”

Haslam “Oo is vis? Your facking nicked! Where are me jellied eels?”

Line goes dead.

End Scene.

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