Erkin Guney.

Erkin Guney was the subject of a major case of police corruption and one that has links to the cover up of the death of Daniel Morgan. Mr Guney was involved in a business deal and found himself being fitted up for possession of drugs and of a handgun.

Both the handgun (a .22 small calibre which one would need to be at point blank range to use effectively) and the drugs (heroine) were planted at the behest of the Metropolitan Police who claimed Public Interest Immunity after Mr Guney was found to be innocent.

The bent cops can now be named as former Det Cons Martin Morgan and Declan Costello who planted the drugs and gun in the bedroom of Mr Guney’s daughter. They had posed as gas fitters.

Are the same bent detectives featured in “The Untouchables” also implicated in the slaying of the murdered Private Eye Daniel Morgan? In terms of Public Interest Immunity how did Det Sgt Jim Gillan walk away from accusations? Disgraced ex DCI Chris Jarratt and Operation Ethiopia have both been mentioned in connection with this case.

Other dodgy police are identified as Osborne, Stevens, Poppem (sp?), Jacks and Stobes.

Following his release from prison for a crime he never committed Mr Guney had to deal with the death of his Father (who was involved with Volkan in the 1950’s) in Northern Cyprus. Ramadan Guney had been having a relationship with Diane Holliday who claims to have given birth to “Dodi Al Fayad’s love child”. Ramadan’s death was highly suspicious.

After being framed by “The Met” Mr Guney was subject to the same grossly shabby treatment by Surrey Police.

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