Jeremy Bamber and whole life tariffs.

Some crimes are so serious that they deserve whole life sentences, but a case which involves someone who, after a quarter of a century, still protests his innocence, deserves close observation.
Money, beautiful and troubled models plus violence, were a heady mixture and enough to ensure front page prominence, when Jeremy Bamber’s adopted family were killed in either a bloody rampage, or a cold calculated shooting.
Jeremy’s sister had been mentally ill, and much is made of testimony surrounding Bamber’s fondness for a champagne life style. The “Golden Hour” seems to show just how inept, corrupt and stupid Essex Police are.
Well known for their bungling, in addition to back hand deals (Lee Balkwell and Michael Barrymore) Essex’s finest contaminated the crime scene, then spent much time faffing about rather than trying to get to the crux of the matter.
A judicial review is the very least that Jeremy Bamber should expect.

Update – I am adding a few lines on “affinity lodges” as police corruption and mendacity feature heavily in R v Bamber. Most of Essex Constabulary seem to go with “Sine Favore” 9856 based in Surrey. I could also look at “Trust and fear not” 9698 in Hertfordshire well known scumbags.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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