Operation Gestalt and Asil Nadir.

Barry Beardall is no saint, but he is no demon either. VAT fraud will figure largely in this post as will dubious if not downright illegal dealings by the HMRC. First on stage is the wonderfully named Major Antony Watkins-Burton. An ex logistics officer in the army, he was behind arms deals to the Kurds (PKK) and the exploiting of Asil Nadir’s company in both Turkish Cyprus and elsewhere, who were an unwitting part in the plot.

Bernie Small, an undercover investigator for the Customs and Excise also has a walk on part. We already know of bent ex cops Dave Woods and Chris Jarratt who had a hand in Op Gestalt, and corruption with exports and imports. The not terribly bright “Abacus Security Consultants” of Lynn Road, Southery, PE38, 0HU crop up. They (or he for it had a sole staff of one, letter added at conclusion) could not find Watkins-Burton. Charged £2500 too. Took me less than two minutes. Quite odd as Watkins-Burton and his wife Julie lives not far from “Abacus HQ” in Norfolk and (gasp) links to Acle. So say Hi to Sid Fillery for me?

Barry Beardall was rumoured to have “invented” the character of Jennifer Costello, however he did not invent Gerald Beeney, a solicitor in Reigate. The shenanigans of the HMRC led to over 100 people being sent to jail in a glorified entrapment. Watkins-Burton emerges to become part of the “Amar Trust” who are a charity (?) which give aid to Iraqi Kurds. A big name to appear is that of Emma Nicholson, ex M.P, who is now Baroness Winterbourne.

E.T Logistics (of Cairo) had a role in the curious shipments that Watkins-Burton and MI5 goons set up. The seriously bent HMRC under the aegis of Sir Brian Unwin helped. Step forward his second in command, Cedric Andrew now living in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with his wife Barbara. I must e-mail him later.

More exotic yet is Michael Boparan (alias Alexander Surin) a drugs lord with a sideline informing to HMRC. There we have it, fitting up, framing and dodgy dealings with queer companies. Don’t take my word for it. Jennifer Costello’s affadavit is in the public domain (I will link to it tomorrow) and here is “Abacus Security” using all their acumen to take £2500 for no work. Criminal. What would P.C James A. Haslam of Norfolk Police say of such criminal activity, eh?




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