Sunshine Squad, Martin Bridger and Operation Tempura.

The “Daily Mail” (usually so close to bent ex cop John Yates) now has an article on the activities of Martin Bridger, another dodgy policeman. As I wrote on 22, Nov 13 the investigation into irregularities was dubbed “Operation Tempura” and the Cayman Islands is now the focus of some unwanted attention. The FCO may wish to bury the findings which boil down to Bridger claiming massive expenses and arrests that led nowhere.

J’accuse – Martin Bridger of corruption, along with John Yates and sundry other lower ranks. Might I suggest they sue me and take a look at a laptop in Cambrigeshire?

UPDATE. Following my Freedom of information request. Norfolk Constabulary got back to me with this one liner “Ref 229/14/15 We cannot give any details of death threats made to P.C James A Haslam.” Thing is the request was about P.C Haslam’s Dad who received an £180,000 out of court settlement for “mental illness” from the Metropolitan Police, yet also had £6400 in alarms fitted to his unsold £240,000 property at 11 Lynn Rd, Southery, PE38.

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