Operation Megan.

Drawing your attention to my post of 12th June. The “Daily Mail” actually got the drop with the “Mail On Sunday” and this link.


“Operation Megan” partly concerns  the murder cover up of Daniel Morgan. The Vian Brothers, James Cook, Sid Fillery and Jonathan Rees are suing New Scotland Yard for £3.9 million (not £4 million as stated) over a failed attempt to frame them. Use of Gary Eaton (a man with major mental health issues) as the main police witness cannot have helped.

Theresa May thinks it will take a year for Baroness O’Loan to find out what happened. I can assure her it will take far less time.

Det Supt Douglas Campbell does not come out of this well, nor do Det Con Noel Cosgrave and Det Con Leonrd Flint.

Attention must be drawn to Operation Abelard II and a paid police perjurer, who, like Fillery, lives in Norfolk and likes kiddie porn. I am told that John Yates “does not like” Goggzilla. Well, Yates, hanging round with bent ex cops such as Derek Haslam is not going to improve your situation. Nor will Op Megan which will shine a light onto your coterie’s less than legal proceedings.

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