D C Alan Holmes and Manor Of St James 9179.

The excellent Russia Today UK is rattling cages at New Scotland Yard with a focus upon a case linked to Operation Tiberius (and by implication Operation Tempura). But to begin a quote
‘Taffy’ Holmes was a stocky 15-stone, broken-nosed, rugby-playing Welshman who drank to excess. He had a wife and children. He also had a mistress. He was totally devoted to the Metropolitan Police in which he had served for twenty-six years. At work he was gregarious, convivial and he would do anything for a friend. At the inquest one colleague said Taffy believed ‘a problem shared is a problem solved’. Another officer felt he had ‘misguided loyalties’. His perceptive father-in-law explained how it ‘seemed essential to Alan that he should be liked by everybody’.

In the days before he died Holmes was under great pressure from the anti-corruption squad, CIB 2, which was investigating alleged links between a detective commander and a man convicted of receiving some of the 26 million Pounds ‘Brinks-MAT’ gold bullion stolen in 1983. The receiver, Kenneth Noye, is also a Freemason; the commander may be one too – but it seems unlikely that the two men have ever met. Even so, CIB 2 felt that Holmes (who worked on the Brinks-MAT robbery investigation) knew about such a relationship. CIB 2 may have arranged for another officer to secretly tape-record Holmes as he gossiped about corrupt acts by fellow-detectives. When Holmes learned about the alleged tape he was plunged into depression, partly because it seems these crooked officers were also Masons. He felt ‘set-up’ and betrayed. At the inquest one colleague (himself under no cloud) explained how, five days before he died, Holmes had returned very upset from an all-day grilling by CIB 2. He talked about another officer whom he had considered a friend but who had ‘let him down and told lies about him’. He said he was going to kill that man and then kill himself. The colleague told the Coroner: ‘He was very upset, but I didn’t think he’d do it’.

Holmes was doubly appalled by this alleged treachery because he had only just introduced the ‘traitor’ into his own Masonic lodge. The treachery was even greater because that year Taffy was Lodge Master. What about the Five Points of Fellowship?: ‘Breast to breast, your lawful secrets when entrusted to me as such I will keep my own.’ Lawful or not, many brothers’ secrets – Holmes included – had been betrayed.

Quote from “A firm within a firm, freemasonry and police corrption” Martin Short.

The traitor alluded to above is none other than Derek G Haslam, formerly of 11 Lynn Rd, PE38, who recently had a pay off totalling £180,000 from The Met plus £6400 in alarms and panic buttons fitted. Haslam recently sold his house and is rumoured to be looking at moving to Portugal or Tenerife.

Manor Of St James 9179 and Manor Of Bensham 7114 ,along with Blackheath 1320 have a high proportion of corrupt police and ex police plus “Service and Integrity” in Norfolk, to which Chief Constable Simon Bailey belongs together with P.C James A Haslam.

Russia Today UK may be interested in links with the 1998 murder of Solly Nahome, that of Ricky Rayner and very dodgy deals such as Martin Bridger et al in the Cayman Islands, the framing and fitting up of Asil Nadir and Barry Beardall (Operation Gestalt) and a host of other headaches for New Scotland Yard.

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