Saif Al Islam Gadaffi, Blackwater and R2R.

The forthcoming trial of Gaddafi’s son Saif will be of interest to many in the “intelligence community”. Sarah Penfold, a Nairobi based recruiter of mercenaries was tasked with getting a team of about two dozen ex South African mercenaries, which included Danie Odendaal plus others to extract the Libyan leader’s son.

Greg Wales outfit R2R plus Blackwater all played a part in the botched attempt to spirit Saif across the border. Also implicated was George Fivaz in South Africa.

Now to update my list of constabularies in England that are the focus of major police corruption.





Metropolitan Police


Sussex and Hampshire appear interesting too. As is the whole collusion aspect of the murders of Finucane/Fullerton/Hamill/Nelson.

Isn’t that clown Simon Tomlin due for release sometime soon?


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