Who killed Eddie Fullerton?

Rarely I write about Northern Ireland but today is one of those rare occasions. Some awkward questions crop up.

1. Who murdered Eddie Fullerton?

2. What is the truth behind Freddie Scappaticci and Stakeknife?

3. What happened immediately before the Enniskillen Poppy Day bombing?

One could add other items such as…

4. What role did MI5 play in Kincora?

Answer to 1 is that there must have been collusion between police in the Republic and their RUC/PSNI colleagues in the north. The loyalists could not have carried out the Eddie Fullerton assassination alone.

2. Whatever the answer is it has nothing to do with the meanderings of Ian Hurst (alias Capt Rennie of SAS) one hears that nobody is returning his calls now.

3. The Fermanagh Battalion of PIRA did indeed plant the bomb. The sole Battalion to have been “stood down” they were responsible for the carnage. However an hour before it exploded the device was found. A Lance Jack of Signals took the call at Thiepval, and HQ decided that the bad publicity would be a Godsend.

4. The role of MI5 in Kincora is (redacted).



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