Asil Nadir to be freed.

A good start to the week with news from both “Haberal” and “Gundem Kibris” that Asil Nadir should be released from HMP High Point in September.

The arrest and trial of Mr Nadir raised serious concerns over perjury by an ex Metropolitan Police Det Con now retired in Norfolk and anxious to leave the UK, and the shady operations of the HMRC and MI6, both of whom had good reason to frame Asil Nadir as a high profile scapegoat.


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2 Responses to Asil Nadir to be freed.

  1. thorella says:

    Was Haslam involved io Nadir’s trial?

    • goggzilla says:

      Derek Haslam is not a big enough fish to have linked to the Polly Peck boss, but Haslam crops up as a “security consultant” defrauding Barry Beardall et al of funds to look for Major Watkins-Burton. Remember, Haslam is merely a shoddy paid perjurer.

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