I do not agree with most of what Mr Spivey writes (wrote, he is now on the banned list), however his sentencing at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on 27th August will be interesting.

Nunn and Nimmo both received jail sentences and Bonehill-Paine awaits his fate. Chris Spivey joins a growing group. It contains Bahrain, Cuba, Ethiopia, Gabon, Iran, South Korea and Uzbekistan along with Britain, all imprisoning bloggers and tweeters.

An interesting feature of Spivey’s writing was the highlighting of child sex abuse and members of “The Establishment”. Of course, that would have nothing to do with Essex Police (pals of Robert Ambridge alias Old Holborn) arresting and taking Spivey’s stuff.

Finally, if Spivey is serious about drawing attention to his case, one suggests a hunger strike (to the death if needs be) in jail. Nobody remembers Barry Horne but everyone remembers Bobby Sands.

Beir bua.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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  1. adeybob says:

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    My thoughts precisely.
    This is going South quickly.
    It stinks to high heaven, as well.
    Spivey has already had a massive campaign of dogged and targeted abuse inflicted on him, his famalam, his loyal team of helping friends, and his entire blog…all before his recent arrest.
    It has been going on since he was originally targeted and groomed by the self-named outlaw, the element so responsible for so many other incidents of destruction amongst the ‘anti-csa’ protesting community.
    That the same destructive element is himself seemingly immune from prosecution or even decent investigation by the cops, is a dead give-away that there is a complicity to destroy protests trying to uncover VIP child sexual abuse, running all the way to the courts.
    Spivey was an ‘easy’ target…he is seen by many as ‘fringe’, and is known to outrage those poor souls who ‘accidently’ wandered onto his blog.
    He is known as a campaigner to lift the lid on child abuse coverups, but is more widely-known for other views which tend to make him something of an outsider to the general, post-McAlpine ‘anti-csa’ community. This must have been one of the considerations when Spivey was targeted for a blog-takedown…if I may exhibit some healthy paranoia, for a minute.
    He hasn’t had his stuff printed in the papers, and he has largely kept his views inside the community of his blog and his facebook page. The more extreme views he is accused of publicising, seem to have been made by other people…where Spivey had usually given neutral answers to their comments.
    As for the stuff relating to the charges about crap found on his illegaly-seized PC’s…well, it has already pretty-much collapsed; the smell of bollocks permeating the place where the cop-found ‘hidden files’ were supposed to have been, well, hidden.
    The fact that the beak in the case is refusing to let Spivey even get access to the technical report from the people paid to forensicaly analyse the PC’s, is not only an outrageous act on its own, it also prevents him from finding out how they found ‘hidden files’ on his PC, but then managed to ‘lose’ them, when challenged.
    It seems that an attempt was made to fit Spivey up, in this instance, but he is denied the right to even get to the truth of that.
    Now, whether or not Spivey was right to say, for instance, what he said about false-flag operations involving the same individuals… that is one thing. But for the authorities to respond in such a way, is pretty scary.
    As I said to the #McCann debate on twitter, even if everyone is right within that debate, and their assertions true, then the fact remains that there are grieving relatives and concerned onlookers who are going to be deeply hurt just by peeking into said debate. The same applies to Young Rigby…outrage will surely follow even if anyone just claims the lad didn’t exist in the first place, for instance.
    I am not an investigator, but I think I’d have done more research before I published anything likely to cause offense. A pint in a local, with a couple of Mr Rigby’s former friends would have put me straight, either way.
    As anyone who knows me, knows…I am uncomfortable publishing anything I haven’t been able to verify. This may seem to some that I am lacking in conviction, but if truth be told, I am more concerned that I get the record straight, first time.

    If you visit Spivey’s blog – which you can’t since it was taken down – you’d see how carefully he and his often highly-intelligent friends and supporters had recorded the whole thing…the whole process of his illegal arrest, through to the very strange procedures that were followed to deny him proper representation and railroad the case through a criminal, not civil court; right on to the way he was denied the right to see his accusers.
    The judge may have been right, when he said that by bringing the accusers into court, he’d be opening them up to being ‘further abused’ by Spivey…but it’s wrong to deny the right of the accused to face their accusers, on so many levels.
    Put it this way, if we take the most vulnerable possible ‘accuser’ – say, a child-victim of sexual assault – and we look at how the courts ‘deal’ with them, then even then, the judge in Spivey’s case is reacting very strangely.
    Very strangely.
    Where was the option to use a video link? I don’t get it.
    Why have we allowed the worst scum of society to abuse kids in court, for so long, if they could have been spared the pain of it all, just by giving in a statement? We hear of it all the time, and hear about the courage needed to be in court, as a victim, in the first place…and we have had to accept that even the worst scum have the right to put a victim in that position.
    So why did they deny it to Spivey?

    Anyways…I will put my sword into the floor, and state my position: I am not of the mind that Mr Rigby was anything but a real person. I have little reason to feel any affiliation for Spivey, one exception being where our views coincide on the belief that there has been coverups to VIP instances of child abuse.
    I also share his sense of betrayal, and disgust, at the fact that we were both groomed, stalked, and abused by the ‘outlaw anomaly’.
    But in these days, my concern is the simple fact that he is a blogger – someone who uses a hosted site to state his views – and that he has been targeted, and ‘taken out’ in a very odd way.

    My concern is the same as that of any sane person should share…people who should believe that the right to write is being eroded.
    I go further, and say that the take-down of Chris Spivey, is a harbinger of bad things to come in the greater blogosphere.

    If any reader has anything to add to what I’ve said, or if you are able to contradict anything I have written here, then PLEASE get in touch on my blog, and we can discuss it.
    I am an optimist, and an idealist…but I am able to debate, and be swayed by truth.
    I want to be wrong, in a lot of ways, and am hoping readers will come forward to show me as being full of baloney.


    • goggzilla says:

      Adey you are correct, now let us pose a question, or give advice to Mr Spivey. Ch Insp Ben Hodder of Thurrock did not get a custodial sentences for artistic poses of little boys, so Chris ought not to for a lesser offence. Time to highlight the judicary’s partial role in matters, time to fight back.

  2. adeybob says:

    sorry man…just read your reply.
    Perhaps an open letter to the judge? I can’t advise Mr Spivey on the law…but this whole debacle needs highlighting.

  3. adeybob says:

    get in touch with me on email, man

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