Cdr Ray Adams and Det Con Haslam.

Was Ray Gray (the informer) fed answers by Derek Haslam? Para 12 of the redacted Op Russell report hints at this.

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It is known that Haslam held a grudge against the Commander after Adams had put Haslam into uniform as punishment for death by drink driving.

Para 45 and could the masonic lodge be “Manor Of Bensham 7114” to which both the late Taffy Holmes and Haslam belonged?

Para 60 – redacted name is that of Alan “Taffy” Holmes who blamed Haslam for his predicament as do many other former Met “officers”.

“It is possible that Haslam was seeking revenge against Adams” Para 28, Appendix J. Too damned right he was. Therefore it is evident that Jukes was duped – but also too stupid to admit it. Jukes has now threatened to shut down a Twitter account due to this.

Paras 81 to 87 detail Haslam joining the police at the marriage in Sutton in May 1970 to his joining Z Division.

The testimony of Neil Putnam and Evelyn Fleckney is called into account and questioned yet neither tried “the mental card” (Haslam was sectioned twice to get out of trouble).

Para 818 deals with UGLE. Masonic links were and are a large part of the alcoholic Haslam’s life, “Manor Of Bensham 7114” was mentioned but “Manor Of St James” is an affinity lodge. As to Haslam’s continuing non arrest, Chief Constable of Norfolk Simon Bailey is a “worshipful brother” at “Service and Integrity” (don’t laugh) and in turns links to known nonce Ch Supt Anglesea and Bryn Estyn (Pegasus lodge and Sine Favore). As I wrote yesterday Haslam’s son is a P.C in Norfolk.

Did Haslam tip off the newspapers over Adams and Gray’s statement? Haslam was the only one able to access the information – and Haslam has “form” for theft and passing photos to the press (one of Prince William whilst at RMA Sandhurst).

Para 828 – “slept with a cop”, could this prostitute refer to Haslam? Finally for today the name of Dellaway was not fully redacted. Jukes has issues with being made a fool of, he seems to have no qualms about the Metropolitan Police fitting up and framing the innocent. Gone quiet Pete?




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