Matt 16.15 KJV.

Goggzilla seems to have Peter Jukes rattled. He alludes to my two years with the “Justice for Ched Evans campaign”. This is the first time since January I’ve mentioned it. It is, along with my defeat of the UK government at Strasbourg’s ECtHR, something of which I am justifiably proud. As DNA retention of the innocent is wrong, so is the Metropolitan Police’s targetting of Jonathan Rees (rapidly becoming a white version of Winston Silcott or Nicky Jacobs) and Alex Marunchak.

Recently I was told Marunchak is “mixed up with MI5“, I am loathe to believe that – they would have protected him from arrest and years on bail.

Now we come to Ian Hurst and his risible attempts to get back in the saddle by suing News International. That is correct, I shall write it again – Ian Hurst, “an unreliable and not credible witness” (CPS view accords with mine and most others) – Hurst wants to foolishly bring a civil action against News International.

Hurst barely knew about Freddie Scappaticci, mixes with known paid police perjurer Derek Haslam (note Haslam is Jukes sole source on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up) and longs for the Dordogne. Alas he won’t make it.

Jukes stated that I am “working with Jonathan Rees and Alex Marunchak to discredit the D(aniel) Morgan murder” on Twitter today. No. What I am doing, and have been doing for the past seven years is trying to get to the bottom of who murdered Morgan. This led me to stumble upon ex Det Con Haslam, whose actions are central to miscarriages of justice, abuse of process and many other crimes, such as causing death by drink driving (see Op Russell).

Haslam told Jukes that he wanted to find out who caused Alan “Taffy” Holmes to commit what was, in effect, a forced suicide. Haslam since portrayed himself as an heroic figure, at variance with police corruption. In fact Haslam omitted to tell Jukes that he had a Level One child porn image on his computer.

Over to you, Peter.



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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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