Groovy Gang, DCI Jarratt and Derek Haslam.

I spent the last several hours examining all documents regarding highly paid police perjurer, Derek Haslam, currently living in Cambridgeshire. In terms of offences I have already covered –

Blackmail (“Sue Shack”), theft (RMAS), death by drink driving in a stolen vehicle, perjury (Groovy Gang plus many others), possession of child porn and abuse of process. Haslam also derailed a lot of compensation claims in South Yorkshire whilst working for McCormack’s (solicitors) in London, indeed he became so brazen that he was eventually fired.

Haslam still receives £1000 per week from The Met, he has been unable to sell his house (it is on and off the market every few months), however it is hardly surprising. Since playing the “mental card” and leaving the police in October 1989 Haslam kept busy. He infiltrated anti abortion and animal rights groups in order to be an agent provocateur. He was connected to John Yates and Martin Bridger (of Op Tempura infamy) and their use of bent money to fund M.A courses at the Open University.

At some stage Tom Watson M.P, deputy of Labour will make an appearance. Centre stage is Ian Hurst (of Saint Nexans France), whom I will now deal with. Hurst gave Haslam my (former) address, and I note that Hurst not only knows almost nothing about “Stakeknife” but fled Ireland with a mortgage owing. It will be of greater interest to the public that Hurst went crazy in Sept 2013 when told that NFA would occur regarding Operation Millipede. It is Hurst’s actions that have in large measure meant that over a dozen innocent folks were constantly bailed these last two years.

Now moving back to Haslam, and a piece of newish information – did Derek Haslam plant child porn on Sid Fillery’s computer? It seems so and only a search of Haslam’s laptop will show whether that is the case – isn’t it odd that Norfolk Police do not arrest Haslam? Not that odd, his son P.C James A. Haslam of King’s Lynn illegally gave arrest documents to his Dad in Aug/Sept 2012. Also, both Haslam’s are in the same free mason lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey, ACPO lead on child porn.

Haslam was occupied with setting up fake profiles of his opponents, on Disqus (Ciaran_J_Goggins) my photo with a “Hitler moustache” (so funny!) plus illegal comments. Twitter too is a fruitful ground for the ex Det Con with –

@notciarangoggin, @mrscjgoggins, @heren_there, @ron_brockstead and @sturich74 which bizarrely links to radical feminist accounts as did @ciaranloggins to “Jean Hatchet” until suspended on 20 January 2015. What rad feminazis have in common with Derek who has own name accounts with “Ladyboys” and “Leather Queens” (under his e-mail is hard to say.

Time to wrap up. I would like to do some final ties up on the Asil Nadir case, Haslam was tangentally implicated “Abacus Security” and Major Watkins-Burton. Finally, even the Brecqhou based Barclay Brothers have grown tired of Haslam’s antics, his sole playground is now barred to him. What will DCI Jarratt do now?




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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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  1. thorella says:

    ‘Haslam was tangentally implicated “Abacus Security” and Major Watkins-Burton.’ Was Abacus Security a UK company?

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