The Pitchford Inquiry and participant status.

Covert operations by The Met and nearby forces are the topic in this post. Pitchford has said that claims against Derek Haslam could not be heard as Haslam was “retired” however the loophole is that Haslam was being managed by the police. They are therefore legally culpable.

I will concentrate on the following – Barry Beardall, Jonathan Rees, the “Groovy Gang” (Thomas Reynolds, Thomas Kingston and Terry O’Connell), SHAC and Alastair Morgan. They appear on paragraphs 52, 67-69 and 73 of Pitchford’s document concerning participant status.

I would urge them to think hard about taking their cases to the ECHR, Strasbourg ,as it seems they did not receive a fair trial due to Haslam’s illegal, dishonest actions. In addition Hampshire, Kent, Cambridgeshire and Surrey all bear some culpability in what happened.

Copyright Ciaran Goggins 2012.

Copyright Ciaran Goggins 2012.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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2 Responses to The Pitchford Inquiry and participant status.

  1. thorella says:

    I doubt if they can take their cases to ECtHR because there’s a strict time limit after appeal. Even if they go to CCRC and CCRC refuses, then I believe even that doesn’t qualify them to go to ECtHR as CCRC isn’t a court. If the CCRC referred the case back to the Court of Appeal then it would be possible to go to Europe. By the by, Barry’s appeal was a travesty of justice.and that’s not even including Haslam’s role,

    There have been so many people stitched up by Customs and the courts to hide the role of the government and intelligence services in covertly removing excise duty and VAT from the UK. I think almost £2 billion was lost to the taxpayers in the London City Bond scam, which was masked as a huge sting by Customs. Government agencies may be incompetent but never, never on that scale. Billions of taxpayers’ hard earned money have been removed from the country through VAT carousel fraud.

    • goggzilla says:

      The “Supreme” Court here would have to rule but Pitchford is extending the time limit so it is in Barry’s interest plus others – to go forward. As I said Haslam was managed by The Met and they are therefore cuplable. You correctly point out how powerful HMRC are.

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