“A culture of suppressing inconvenient documents” Haslam.

My 90th post, a world exclusive. On 27 January 2006, at 6.09 pm Derek Haslam wrote a document which proved his downfall. In it he specifically states that “David Wood … sought my assistance” along with Supt Jarratt. Toni (sic) Burton-Watkins makes an appearance also. Haslam played on perceived animosity between Alec Leighton and Jonathan Rees (in fact there was none) and sets the keynote of his dishonesty and as with Ian Hurst, lack of credibility.

Barry Beardall (fitted up over HMRC) has a bit role (highly dodgy connection between Judge Darlow and Alfred Allington) – and the case of R v Drury and Clark underlines Haslam’s illegal methods and Metropolitan Police collusion.

Haslam named Sylvia Jones in connection to Judge Dellow (innocent, but Haslam spun out his own views), John Healey MP (interesting given what Haslam did in Thurnscoe), and Emma Nicholson and AMAR.

On to Nikolaus Chrastny (cocaine king) and far more importantly Haslam’s lack of veracity over Grange Road, Thornton Heath. Haslam was at Grange Road between 6 May 1999 and 24 Sept 1999, in contradiction to his other statements.

Now to Goa, India. The former Labour MP Tony Banks (later Lord Banks of Stratford) was involved in a 6000 acre land deal.

Sid Fillery merits a sentence “Fillery is having a lean time with his Norfolk pub venture this year” (2006). Malicious prosecutions from 2004 are coming back to haunt the Met as is the “culture of suppression of inconvenient documents” along with the Walter Mitty figure of Ian Hurst – in fact it was due to Hurst that Haslam’s real identity was placed in the public domain.

“There can be no excuse for continued secrecy of the exact role of Haslam” (sounds like a death knell, Derek).  Haslam is “a paid informant” and “Therefore the police have an embarrassing problem with Haslam, as a CHIS particularly in light of misbehaving by other undercover officers such as Kennedy”. There you have it – abuse of process, perjury and other crimes, are an “embarrassment” to Yates and his minion.

Wonder what would Nick Fullagar make of it all?

Copyright Ciaran Goggins 2012.

Copyright Ciaran Goggins 2012.



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  1. thorella says:

    Barry, who was completely innocent, was sent to prison to conceal state crime. The Costello Affidavit formed a part of his defence and an investigation into its authenticity by the Met during his appeal was seriously flawed. I understand Barry’s legal team weren’t permitted to contest the Met’s findings.

    Click to access Affidavit_-_Costello.pdf

    • goggzilla says:

      I have documents that hopefully will clear Barry and ensure Haslam does 20 years. For tactical (not legal) reasons these must stay in the dark for now. main thing is that HMRC and The Met are dirty and can be proven to be so. We are winning.

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