Pitchford and Haslam.

There are growing concerns as to why some aspects of undercover policing are omitted from the Pitchford Inquiry. Haslam was an employee of the Metropolitan Police, and well paid, thus he should be the focus of scrutiny. Now to Z Division.

DCI Brian L(redacted) was Haslam’s welfare connection whilst Derek was having his numerous “breakdowns” and “threatening” suicide. Brian had a pretty wife, L(redacted) a Det Con who Haslam became enamoured of. At an Xmas party in 1985 Derek kept pestering L.L which led to Det Sgt John OJ Davidson becoming a knight in shining armour, the large Scot grabbed Haslam by the throat and persuaded Derek to leave L.L alone.

After Alan “Taffy” Holmes death (in which role Haslam played no small part) the action moved to Norfolk. The L family left London, and quite accidentally ended up very near Haslam. Using high powered binoculars Derek began to stalk L.L, whilst her husband Brian was out.

The L’s have a son, Andrew who was at RMAS in 2006 (same intake as HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge). A photo Andrew took was stolen by Haslam, passed to the “News Of The World” who paid £350 for it (twice, long story). Brian now lives in King’s Lynn, near where P.C James A. Haslam works.

Why hasn’t Jonathan Rees testimony led to the arrest of Haslam? Are theft and voyeurism not considered crimes in Norfolk? Shall we ask half Jamaican Haslam’s “worshipful brother” Chief C*n*stable Simon Bailey?


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