Daniel Morgan and Peter Jukes.

Jukes begins by stating that there is press complicity in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, totally omitting the role of the Metropolitan Police.

In March 1987 Daniel Morgan was murdered. Initial suspects were thought to be jealous husband(s). Jukes discounts this. He fails to mention Morgan’s links to Maltese drug dealers.

Months before, Morgan’s partner Jonathan Rees was robbed, whilst going to the Belmont Car Auctions with in excess of £17,000. Jukes constantly harps on Rees’ connection to the police yet does not state that Rees was the focus of much police attention including a bugging.

Enter Det Sgt Sid Fillery, CID Catford. Also Det Insp Jones, who was convinced that Morgan was killed by a jealous husband. The motive for Daniel Morgan’s murder must be central to any understanding of how and why subsequent inquiries were derailed.

Jukes distrusts the Metropolitan Police yet trusts ex Det Con Haslam – how very odd. The first podcast ends with the arrests of Jonathan Rees, Glenn Vian, Gary Vian, Sid Fillery plus Det Sgt Peter Foley and Det Con Alan Purvis.

Episode Two.

All six arrested were released without charge after 24 hours. D.S Foley and D.C Purvis received £100,000 in damages from the police over their arrests.

Now we come to Bryan Madagan. The Croydon based private eye is heard at 13.23 on Episode Two. One needs to clarify exactly who Ian Hurst is. Not as Jukes says, an investigator (Hurst is notorious as a Walter Mitty). Hurst claimed to have handled “Stakeknife” (he did not) and is, at best, a shabby debt collector. Living in Bolton, Hurst sells folks details from the electoral list, defaulted on a mortgage, then tried to entrap Madagan. As can be heard Madagan describes Morgan as a “silly fellow” but Hurst brings in the relationship Rees had with Alex Marunchak.

What Jukes occluded is that Hurst was paid by Marunchak – and that Hurst links to Jukes sole source on the Morgan murder, disgraced ex Det Con Haslam, a convicted criminal who killed a man whilst drink driving.

Jukes leaves the following number for information about the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, 07476003676.

To conclude – he ends with a claim by Kevin Lennon (ex book keeper Southern Investigations) that Jonathan Rees “set up” Morgan for the fatal meeting in a Sydenham pub.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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