Ian Hurst, “Stakeknife” and the Gruaniad.

Thankfully, McDonald at least states that Ian Hurst was only an NCO (never held a commission as some other poor sources cite) but omits that Hurst’s credibility is zero. From the Smithwick Inquiry to more recent years the Bolton debt collector (or former SAS Captain when in his Walter Mitty mode) has had a hard time.

Not financially, he ran out on a mortgage in Ireland and now owns properties in St Nexans, near Bergerac in France and the Granada district of Spain. No, Hurst’s desire for the spotlight had hooked Tom Harper (who rightly now shuns him) and Peter Jukes (who shoots himself in the feet by failing to state that Alex Marunchak paid Hurst (as Martin Ingram) and additionally that Hurst is an amigo of disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam.

The major failing in the “Guardian” is that Scappaticci was codenamed “Kerbstone” so cannot be “Stakeknife“. Paul Larkin, a well known investigative journalist could have saved McDonald an interview plus much egg on his face.

Finally, Hurst’s avarice leads him to sell details of folks on the electoral register and elsewhere. Including a former Mossad agent retired in England. It appears Hurst fucked with the wrong bull.




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