Exonerating Mr Rees.

The headlines about Bernard ‘Ogan-‘Owe now stating that not all allegations must be believed automatically brought up a link to John Worboys. It is not Worboys who need detain us here but DCI Chris Jarrett and the higher up figure of John Yates. Below is a list that one may examine –

Operation Drake

Operation Chagford

Operation Plymouth

Operation Landmark

Operation Hallmark

Operation Nigeria

Operation Two Bridges

Operation Abelard (1)

Operation Morgan (2).

Hampshire Constabulary (notoriously corrupt) allowed Derek Haslam to steal documents and sign a statement in two different names (one his own, the other his brother’s). Haslam played the “mental” card several times and has a lengthy psychiatric history. Odd then that Peter Jukes places such gravity on his flawed testimony.

One point which occurs is this – Haslam, as an employee of the Metropolitan Police, planted a bug in Jonathan Rees’ office where all the key figures under suspicion of the police were gathered unaware. Yet not once did any of the more than half dozen involved say anything that could be used to find the killer nor implicate themselves in the murder of Daniel Morgan.

To conclude with this revolutionary idea, perhaps all the attempts, all the money and all the effort the police engaged in to frame Mr Rees and others might stem from an inability to catch the real killer. While Mr Jukes currently shills for New Scotland Yard has the actual murderer gotten clean away with it?



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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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