Guanaboa Vale.

His paternal side had recently arrived from the West Indies. His Father, Francis W (also given as Lindo) Haslam, from St Catherine’s, Jamaica, born 28 June 1879. Records only go back to his Dad, named Robert Johnson Haslam who married Elizabeth Brown, both were freed slaves so that leads to a dead end.

Francis Haslam married Violet (also given as Ellen J) Stow, in July 1938, Wandsworth, her Father was a plate layer from Islington, originally Mile End Road. The mixed race couple are on the electoral list for Clapham, Putney and Streatham 1946-8. Three sons, the youngest born in Oct 1947, who on the “MyT” site claimed his Dad “attended Harrow and commanded a regiment at D Day”. No records thus far identify any Jamaican in either role. The only Harrow his Dad got into was Harrow cemetery in March 1955.

Perhaps Ian Hurst (the Lidl version of Walter Mitty) could uncover more? Interesting thing about Haslam is his adherence to far right racist ideology. Finally, I was going to write that Peter Jukes real name is Abraham Warsawsky, but as Jukes is devoid of humour and not a film buff I will omit that.



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