Cops, Criminals and Corruption, BBC Panorama.

An opportunity to examine the Metropolitan Police mishandling of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up was sorely missed by Glen Campbell and his team. The Dramatis Personae included Jonathan Rees who aptly pointed out that he was the main suspect and in the eyes of local plod, the only one of consequence. Rather than admit his first arrest was wrong, the Met pressed one with an attempt to frame Mr Rees. It failed, as did a subsequent bungled trial with other associates of Mr Morgan at “Southern Investigations”.

The progamme

is notable for the emergence of ex Det Con Derek Haslam (38 minutes in) whose role bears deeper scrutiny. Last October the “Daily Mail” ran an article on Haslam’s activities for the Met.

The BBC team do not mention Haslam’s numerous mental breakdowns, fortuitously timed to coincide with any investigations. Nor his links to John Yates, Peter Winship and ex DCS Dave Cook. Or the out of court payment in excess of £180,000 by New Scotland Yard. Martin Polaine also appeared, same one as implicated in “Op Tempura” on the Cayman Islands?

Finally, Haslam’s television debut comes at a time when he is desperate to relocate. Why is that?


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