Tom Watson and Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton remix).

My Angolan connection was most interested in my recent blogge post on Tom Watson (deputy of the Labour party, but for how long?) Watson was/is not just over stepping the boundaries regarding the law (which one, the law for the rich or for the poor?) Tom was/is engaged in all sorts of illegal dealings with Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton) an known and admitted murderer.

Rewind, to Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst who was not a “Captain in SAS” but a Lance Corporal with the Intelligence Corps.  One thing Hurst told the truth about was his dealings with Keeley (and by extension Alex Marunchak, which as my American cousins say “kinda demolishes Jukes” argument). Ian Hurst (now on Twitter as @iTraceUK and illegally making a living by harvesting the electoral roll) would give a target’s address to Peter Keeley/Kevin Fulton. Tom is inextricably connected with serial liar, eavesdropper and “tracer” Ian Hurst, who is then inextricably linked to Peter Keely (Kevin Fulton) another low life self confessed murderer.

A speciality of Hurst and Fulton was photos, and planting bugs. On the subject of bugs wasn’t that what convicted criminal Derek Haslam did? Disgraced ex Det Con Haslam (Jukes sole source) likes photos. Here is one of me – in sunny Belgium!

06190004 (2)



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