Untold murder – Daniel Morgan.

I rarely bother with the “Daily Telegraph” but today read Pete Naughton’s excellent summary of the latest offering by Mr Jukes.


Bryan Madagan poured cold water on the “huge scandal” aspect which may or may not have led to Morgan’s death.

Alastair Morgan had issues with drug abuse so is not a credible interviewee. That leaves Jukes sole source as a proven paid police perjurer.


Why is ex Det Constable Derek Haslam so desperate to sell his house and flee abroad? Could it be that his role undercover supposedly aiding the Morgan family is to be outed? That he single handedly derailed Op Abelard II and fed information back to New Scotland Yard sinking the Burnton inquiry?

Or that his causing death by drink driving and being the focus of 12 CCRC investigations to about to break? Jukes, silent.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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  1. Good point on the Chris Spivey blog today about the highly offensive and untrue allegation they are making that Jewish people are not loyal to their various nations. British Jews have fought and often died for their country since at least the 1740s. Unfortunately, many of the people on Spivey’s blog don’t really give two hoots about the plight of the Palestinian people but are just using the Israel-Palestine issue as a way to mask their obvious neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic beliefs. At the end of the day, the reality is that they hate Palestinians as well because they are racist white supremacists. Spivey and his mob are also sexist, homophobic and ridiculously transphobic. Plus, what part of ‘downloaded child porn on his computer’ do Spivey’s pathetic rag bag swivel-eyed kooky fanclub NOT understand?! The one that makes me laugh most is the self-proclaimed Dogturd…err…sorry Dog’man’ – ya know, mister cut n’ paste. These people really are obsessed, projecting all their inadequacies onto minority groups and desperately need the help of a mental health professional. Anyway, I don’t know whether or not you agree with me, but I’d just like to commend you for challenging Spivey & Co’s orthodoxy today as it takes a lot of courage to dissent when everyone else seems to be of one opinion only. As for John Hamer: I notices he taunts you and claims you wouldn’t debate with him yet the link he provides does not contain any blog so he really is a pathetic, immature coward. Well done for your steel and resolve: it takes a lot of strength of character to show the bravery that you have shown today. Kind regards, Becky x

    • goggzilla says:

      Hi Becky, as I said to Chris there are aspects of his blogging I disagree with, but I continue to admire his stand against corrupt Essex Police. Did not see anything from John Hamer, may take another look. Shalom, Sala’am.

      • Shalom, Sala’am goggzilla…Nos Da:) Saw your new comment on the Spivey blog. It seems that they are unprepared to listen to reason. Agreed…there is good and bad in all peoples. Why is that so difficult for some people to understand? It’s also a mystery to me why the likes of Dogman evidently feel so threatened by transgender people.. Oh well:)

      • goggzilla says:

        I have always stood up for TG rights. I cannot answer as to Dogman. We must keep fighting for TG equality. TERFs out!

      • Nevertheless, we tried – kind regards and best wishes to you:)

      • goggzilla says:

        May the Buddha of compassion shine his light on you. (I cannot see any viable solution other than the Two State one in the Holy Land).

  2. Btw…thought of posting the rant below on Spivey’s blog, but I decided not to as (rather suspiciously) he always seems to find a way to interfere with my internet connection each time I dare contradict him or one of his cronies. Anyway, here’s what I was going to say on there:

    “LOLZZZZZ From what I’ve read of the utter foaming-at-the-mouth drivel you vomit up on here, I thought you were already long strapped into your feckin’ straitjacket anyways, Hamer!

    What a bunch of anti-Semitic racist white supremacist homophobic misogynistic transphobic swivel-eyed reactionary right wing bigot total nutjobs you, Spivey, Dogturd, Wolfsack and most of the other pathetic commenters who witter away on these utterly deranged and ridiculously stupid pages are! Don’t give up your day jobs (*as if any of you feckless unemployable lot of lazy, lard-arse never-beens even had them in the first place anyway!) and tbh what part of ‘downloaded child porn on his freakin’ computer’ paedo Spivey do ye not understand?!

    Ps. Wanna know why Slimey perv Spivey gets off every time? Maybe something to do with funny handshakes with the judge and him working for MI5 an’ all. Yet still he rakes in the donations of you gullible people even though he’s got a nice, fat civil service pension lined up. HAHAHAHAHA. What a bunch of schmuckos:))))))))))))))))) Just sayin’;)”

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