Untold murder – Daniel Morgan, Episode Four.

Peter Jukes opens with dangling a future episode in front of us, just as well given the soporific nature of his most recent podcast. The suicide note of Alan “Taffy” Holmes, and the sole source. Judge for yourself the veracity of Derek Haslam, now before the CCRC on a dozen charges of perjury and miscarriages of justice.


Back to 1988 and the inquest into Daniel Morgan’s murder. Kevin Lennon is quoted (is he meant to be a Jackeen or from Mummerset Mr Jukes?) The podcast states that Jonathan Rees “wanted to kill Daniel Morgan”. Q.C’s at dawn Peter? One sees the ponderous hand of Derek Haslam at work “pint sized Rees” Haslam seems obsessed with height and male genitalia – check him out on Twitter @gogginsciaran, @mrscjgoggins, @NotCiaranGoggins, @Heren_There and @interestedhack2 among many others, IP addresses linked to Kings Lynn Police station where P.C James A Haslam works.

Enter Sharon Rees and the Vian Brothers. D.I Alan Jones was a drunk, as was D.Supt Doug Campbell, which probably cost plod the “golden hour”. D.C Hanrahan also makes a passing appearance. “Rees hated Jones” and “Rees was arrested in 2000” crop up. However Jukes shoots himself in the foot with the mysterious moustached man, Alex Marunchak. Ian Hurst (debt collector, Walter Mitty and self styled expert on Kerbstone Stakeknife) is close to Marunchak which torpedoes Jukes entire theory.

Again Jukes alludes to his pet idea in Episode Six, but omits the facts that Haslam is under CCRC investigation and that Haslam passed 12 indecent images to Fillery.

Jukes then goes off on a tangent about Rees accidentally burning Mrs Morgans coat with a cigarette. Al Morgan mentions drugs (21/22 minutes in) but not his own habit.

Either Jonathan Rees is innocent (he has been acquitted half a dozen times of the same murder) or Mr Rees is the greatest criminal mastermind in history, which is it Peter?

Daniel Morgan was murdered, but probably by a jealous husband or Maltese drug dealers. Episode Five deals with Op Abelard Two, where Derek Haslam stole documents and evidence, wormed his way into the Morgan famil while reporting back to New Scotland Yard and – signed documents in two different names, those of his half brothers David Haslam (retired, Biggin Hill) and Maurice Haslam (collie breeder, Horley).

Disappointed to see Ian Puddick financing this, Mr Puddick was shafted by Kroll and City Of London Police. BBC Panorama and witness protection?





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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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