Daniel Morgan podcast, Episode Nine, Golden Fred.

The hagiography of DCS Dave Cook continues. As does some legally very tenuous remarks about Sid Fillery and associates. Flynn states that Fillery had “huge hands, big enough to kill someone”. Flynn has an alcohol problem, just like Derek Gordon Haslam, Jukes star turn. In 2002 a dozen images (level one, the most minor) of underage children were found on Fillery’s computer.

What Jukes is omitting is that they had been sent by Haslam, noted in The Met for his porn collection. Also not mentioned by Jukes is Haslam’s connection to “Service and Intergrity 9582 lodge” along with Chief Constable Simon Bailey (ACPO lead on child porn) and P.C James A. Haslam of Norfolk Police. Currently I am examining links between “worshipful brothers” and Bryn Estyn.

Now to another aspect of Jukes podcast, his reliance on Ian Hurst, now a debt collector in Bolton, and equally as untrustworthy as Haslam. Hurst supplements his income in many dubious ways, and is suing Alex Marunchak plus others – odd given how Marunchak was his paymaster in the “dark arts”.

Jukes continues with telling the audience that Haslam was found to be betraying his former colleagues, and had a £6400 alarm installed at his Lynn Road 4 bed house in Southery near Downham Market. Haslam is desperate to sell and flee abroad. Why is that? Haslam refused extra security in favour of a £180,000 pat out from New Scotland Yard plus other financial inducements. Jukes witters on about “forged signatures” in Op Abelard II as I mentioned previously, but does not say that it was Haslam doing the forgery.

Now we arrive at the array of “Protected Witnesses”. PW1 (redacted) PW2 (Evelyn Fleckney?) PW3 “Irish Tom” and PW4. In November 2008 Jonathan Rees was rearrested along with Sid Filley, the Vian Brothers and James Cook. Haslam was also involved in the cases of R v Clark and Drury, R v Harris and many other miscarriages of justice. As it stands The Met have a £4 million civil case to face regarding Haslam and his perjury and perverting the course of justice plus numerous other criminal offences.





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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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  1. raven500 says:

    ‘The evidence showed Fillery had made “a planned and conscious decision to access unambiguously named websites”‘

  2. That’s what the BBC reported from the trial. However, the internet searches were made on Fillery’s computer at his work premises, Southern Investigations. Derek Haslam would have had access to Fillery’s computer and we all know what Derek Haslam is capable of. I merely make the connection.

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