Peter Jukes and Op Two Bridges.

On my last trip to England, a week ago, I had a conversation about mental illness with a psychiatrist. In Africa, for example, they believe one can “catch” madness, like the flu. Poor Peter Jukes seems to be succumbing to insanity – much as his sole source in the recent Daniel Morgan podcast, ex Det Con Derek Haslam.

Some facts for Mr Jukes. I am not “Christian Braveheart”, nor is Jonathan Rees. More than one person is troubled that Haslam has thus far evaded justice.

Also factual, I do not have 300 accounts on Twitter. Peter is gullible, evinced by his association with P.C, D.C, Det Sgt, Det Insp, Supt, Chief Constable Mark Williams-Thomas Ph.D, M.Phil (Cantab), M.A, B.Sc, CSE Grade 5 Music, a convicted fraudster. Convicted criminal also is Haslam (death by drink driving plus many more).

As to racism, Jukes needs to look at Haslam and his attitude to Jamaicans, far from enlightened. It is odd that those presently closest to Jukes are in the pay of the Metropolitan Police, currently being sued by Mr Rees for a record £4 million. Good luck with that up and coming film Jukes, pity your late brother won’t see it, suicide whilst balance of his mind disturbed wasn’t it?



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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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6 Responses to Peter Jukes and Op Two Bridges.

  1. raven500 says:

    Surely Laurie Flynn and Michael Gillard count as sources for the podcast.

    • goggzilla says:

      I am puzzled, in the foreword to “Untouchables” they state that Haslam was passing info on them to New Scotland Yard. Flynn is an alcoholic so unreliable.

      • raven500 says:

        Of course Haslam would tell the police what they were up to. He was a paid informant for the Met. Also funny how you label Flynn an alcoholic because he likes a drink or Alastair Morgan a drug addict because he smoked pot in university and therefore not credible. Yet you can defend the likes of Rees & Fillery, both convicted perverts whether it’s the course of justice or little kids.

      • goggzilla says:

        Haslam still is a paid informant. His role was to infiltrate and sabotage the Morgan murder inquiries whilst being a conduit for info from inside the campaign. Flynn (like Haslam) is an alcoholic, Alastair went beyond the missable joint to Bolivian Marching Powder. Rees a “pervert”? How so? As for Sid Fillery, half point. Haslam gave him the images. Haslam’s porn collection legendary!

  2. raven500 says:

    Rees was convicted of perverting the course of justice. I was trying to be clever…

    I get the sense that your interest in this case is part of your crusade against Haslam as opposed to being the shill for Rees & Fillery that Mr Jukes is portraying you as on social media. I’m curious where this interest in this relatively obscure figure began.

    • goggzilla says:

      I am looking at the CCRC case concerning John (Reg) Elliott. Odd that Haslam not yet arrested over this. Wider questions on Kent Police and their role in corruption and related issues.

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