Steven McIntyre and Op Tuleta.

I wrote on 21 Sept 2013 about Steven Alexander McIntyre (now of Verify) and his service with the Parachute Regiment (unable to obtain thus far which battalion) and his subsequent time with the Metropolitan Police.

McIntyre’s early life is unimportant here, but his time with “Verify” is certainly going to cause problems with New Scotland Yard.

A 58 year old private investigator was arrested, it was part of Op Tuleta, which is coming back to haunt Derek Halam and his pals Ian Hurst and Peter Jukes.

Edit point – this is the link which P.B may find useful. 21st arrest, same address as McIntyre, same age, same occupation. Name not given but told it IS him.

Much attention is focused on Alec Leighton and his RISC partner Kevin Hunter. The name Al Ghanim crops up. However it is illegal activity prompted by The Met and dealing with animal rights I am going to examine here.

“Verify came to the attention of animal rights activists who long suspected an activist of being a police informer” (H/T to P.B).

Oxford University? Derek Haslam had long wanted to get in but…”the tip off, (the) suspect had been working for police, but then became interested in the more lucrative work of private security and Verify”.

Haslam as with the Daniel Morgan murder inquiries, infiltrated and acted as a means of the police obtaining inside information. This especially given the volatile nature of some animal rights campaigners led to Norfolk Police paying for a 6400 quid alarm system on his Southery 4 bed property that he is desperate to sell and move abroad.

There are some loose ends, Tectrix and Rotherfield Greys,  but they will be tidied up quite soon.



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