Max Mosley, Gordon Anglesea and an increasingly desperate Mark Polin.

After returning from the conference, I switched on “Newsnight” to catch Max (Spanky) Mosley berating “Southern Investigations”. A person such as Derek Haslam who lies, hides the truth, but one such as Peter Jukes who deals in half lies has merely forgotten where he put it.

Also making the headlines is bent ex North Wales Police Supt Gordon Anglesea. One reason why plod took so much time, care and effort in stitching Ched Evans up on a false rape allegation, is due to Chief Constable Mark Polin growing anxious to deflect attention away from Anglesea, Bryn Estyn and “Sine Favore” lodge, who along with “Pegasus” link to CSA in Norfolk, home of ACPO lead Simon Bailey (same lodge as Haslam).

Back to North Wales Police and Polin (how long will he last?) is raiding the piggy bank to finance the Jean Hatchet (alias Vonny Watts) fund for the failed blackmailer in R v Evans. Money leaves a trail, Jean (Vonny) and questions are being asked about certain anonymous large donations.


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