Jacqui Hames and Byline Media.

Christmas is coming early, with the recent activity from Peter Jukes sock puppet account on Twitter @UntoldMurder. Three tweets of dubious legality, that Sylvia Jones (genuflects) a “close ally of Jonathan Rees” knew Daniel Morgan before he was murdered (rather limited opportunities to know him after), that Sylvia Jones is making a documentary on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up (will Peter Kay play Ian Hurst?) and that “Derek Haslam said it was Sylvia Jones who exposed him as an undercover officer after he was hacked”.

Undercover officer? Haslam retired in Otober 1989 with mental illness.


Jacqui Hames was married to Kirkcaldy resident ex DCS Dave Cook and a legitimate object for surveillance considering Cook’s activities. Byline Media (who are in bed with Max Mosley, whose love life is louche, to say the least) are also agitated.


The third person is “HJK” a female who was a target due to her involvement with a Z list celebrity.

Jingle bells. Update. Sylvia Jones did not know Daniel Morgan, nor did she out Haslam. Facts are so important Peter. Keep trying.

(c) National Army Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(c) National Army Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation



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