Ian Hurst – the desperate hours.

Decade old news seems to feature heavily in the demi-monde of Daniel Morgan Twitter groupies, Peter Jukes is posting maniacally. He may well clutch at straws, next month sees the vindication of Jonathan Rees and others in the largest civil case against the Metropolitan Police in British legal history (unless plod wise up and settle out of court).

Alex Marunchak is mentioned by Jukes, but Peter omits his pal Ian Hurst (a Walter Mittyesque unreliable source) is suing Alex, that Operation Kalmyk fell apart as Hurst could not be trusted and was too greedy, that the evidence he is now quoting emanates from a known paid informer, Derek Haslam, that the evidence is non existent (Sylvia Jones did not know Daniel Morgan) and that placing credence in an alcoholic such as Haslam with tales of “Computer John” is only going to lead to sorrow.

Not only that but Jukes main backer is Max Mosley who wants Leveson 2 for all his own reasons (spankingly good, perhaps) and also Gordon Brown who illegally obtained defence documents relating to Jonathan Rees’ trial. Now poor George Michael is dug up, odd as Derek Haslam is a noted homophobe (albeit one with a subscription in his own name to “Leather Queens” and “Ladyboys”, how queer).


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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  1. thorella says:

    Why did Gordon Brown want documents relating to Jonathan Rees’ trial?

    • The Grauniad wrote about it 12 July 2011. Links to Jukes banging on about the “dark arts” whilst neglecting to state his sole (and inaccurate) source for his dire podcast is a known informer being investigated by the CCRC and IPCC (Derek Haslam). Gordon Brown wants revenge for his property empire details being leaked. The Met are petrified of what is being uncovered. Brown is far from clean in many areas. Much to hide.

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