“Get in the back of the van”.

In two weeks time, or so, the biggest civil case against the Metropolitan Police in British legal history begins, that is, if plod do not wise up and settle out of court, in an unwinnable trial for them, moreover, one which will cause enormous damage to an already poor reputation.

Central will be the murky role of ex DCS Dave Cook, (Mr Jacqui Hames) who is now untraceable in Kirkcaldy. Cook has a very bleak future, he is now a mere shill of Alastair Morgan and Peter Jukes, and Mosley.

One wonders if mention will be made of Cook being interviewed by Peter Jukes after Cook was arrested?

Or will New Scotland Yard also omit Cook transported the Morgan coterie in his police car behind the very van that contained the innocent (proven so five times) men who are bringing a corrupt police force to book?

More criminal still is that Cook leaked defence documents of police matters in “R v Rees and others” to Alastair Morgan. Isn’t that illegal? Isn’t that a trick used by Derek Haslam, now moved from Norfolk to Cambridgeshire?

Finally, a nod to Felicity, the painting is Leighton’s “Sisters”. More art on Goggzilla we say.



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