Rough justice, wrongful jailing and the Daniel Morgan murder.

Today saw the start of a High Court trial with massive implications. Plod obviously do not have savvy and therefore four innocent men are taking them to task.

Jonathan Rees (62), Glenn Vian (58), Garry Vian (56) and Sid Fillery (70) were all subject to a Metropolitan Police scheme to frame them for murder. Central to this was disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) and paid informers Gary Eaton and James Ward.

Nicholas Bowen QC is thus far doing a fine job taking apart the web of mendacity surrounding the entire murder inquiry and the use of “dodgy characters” such as ex Det Con Derek Haslam. Justice Maddison touched on the lack of veracity of Cook and Haslam’s role will soon be made clearer.

Peter Jukes backed the wrong horse. Smart he is not.

Update. The usual load of spooge from the Grauniad.


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