Vikram Dodd gets it wrong.

As usual the Grauniad is shilling for plod. Ever since Rusbridger pulled an article written by Gillard and Flynn (alluded to in the introduction of “The Untouchables”) at the behest of corrupt cop Hayman – who links to Yates – the Guardian has been firmly behind New Scotland Yard.

Much is being made of Sid Fillery having porn on his computer, but little of how it was put there by Derek Haslam, who had even by The Met’s standards quite a collection. Haslam recently sold his property in Norfolk for 249K Stg to flee across the county line to his son Stuart’s place in South Green, Coates, Cambridgeshire.

Vikram Dodd (who Haslam boasted of knowing on the now defunct “My Telegraph” site) could not be bothered to acknowledge that this blog identified ex DCS Dave Cook’s hiding place in Fife, Scotland. Still, what does one expect of a “paper” that gave a nod to David Conn being paid by North Wales Police for a story two years ago.

Derek Haslam was sent in by The Met to try and entrap Jonathan Rees, the Vian Brothers and Sid Fillery. He failed to get any evidence on these four innocent men which could connect them to the murder of Daniel Morgan. Haslam subsequently joined the Morgan family side and derailed Op Abelard II plus others from within.

Dodd also omitted the vindictive and illegal actions of the police in hounding Mr Rees and others who had been arrested over the Morgan murder. Either Jonathan Rees is a criminal genius akin to Hannibal Lecter or he is innocent.

Update later. The trial of Vian & ors v Commissioner of police of the Metropolis continues tomorrow at 10.30 am before Mr Justice Mitting (Plebgate) in Court 76. Without Cook.


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