Austin Allegros we have known.

I was just about to log off when I noticed that Peter Jukes was having another episode of mental debility. It is enough to make one run to Doctor Thomas shouting “Farewell to sanity!”.

No, Mr Jukes, Piers Morgan does not pay me. Nor is everyone who thinks your rehashed ideas on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up are merely a last attempt at stardom, before you join the “I used to be somebody” on a nearby bar stool, part of some cabal.

Thing is, you placed all your faith in a known paid police perjurer, an alcoholic who stole a Det Chief Superindentents’ Hillman Hunter and killed a pedestrian when drunk.

Derek Gordon Haslam was drummed out of “Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge” for his part in the death of Alan “Taffy” Holmes. Looking for a reason why Morgan was murdered? Cuckoldry, underage skirt, drugs. It is a shabby little story, but then again, it is a shabby little world.


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