Justified – Cressida Dick inherits a mess.

Has anyone else noticed that the only person awarded money (thus far) in the latest chapter of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, is an ex policeman, Sid Fillery? Divide and conquer seems to be the Met’s message of the day. HHJ Mitting did his master’s bidding over “Plebgate” and again, by freezing out Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. One thing plod hates is bad publicity, and some revelations are on the horizon that will trouble Cressida Dick, during her first weeks of office.

Not least of these is the case of ex DCS Dave Cook, now hiding in Scotland. Has Peter Jukes put this in his book? Due out in mid May, it should provide chuckles. The long running saga of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel draws to a close, a panel so independent that Baroness O’Loan was in close contact with yet another dirty cop, Dave Wood.

“Private Eye” are covering the story well, and one asks how long The Met can withstand calls to prosecute Dave Cook for his gross failings thus far? Perhaps radical feminists can set up a petition to have him extradited from Scotland, to face charges?

The CPS are nervous, not only over the latest debacle in the Morgan murder case, but also in the role of a known paid police informer, Derek Haslam, and his part in infiltrating and subverting the inquiry from within, plus his illegal actions in Cambridgeshire and some animal rights groups.

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