Who is Frank Matthews?

Avid Daniel Morgan murder cover up watchers will have noted that “Frank Matthews”, a Peter Jukes shill, is now on the case.


Claiming to be a former Det Sgt, “Frank Matthews” states he is Welsh, as was Alan “Taffy” Holmes, a key figure in the murder story.

Who are The Met protecting? Could it be not only ex DCS Dave Cook who was found at the Court of Appeal recently (Vian and ors v Commissioner of police) to have used a mentally ill drug dealer as a “witness”? Or worshipful brother ex Det Con Derek Haslam, who was sent by New Scotland Yard to infiltrate and subvert the previous inquiries? Haslam has previous form with his connection to animal rights activists whom he had framed. The appeal of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers will clear up many questions.

Update. Today’s quiz. Which bent ex Det Con who recently had his house in Lynn Road, Southery bought for 247 grand at taxpayer’s expense said “Al Morgan had an empty life, then this came along, now it is a crusade”.

Also “Al Morgan is a professional mourner making 30 thousand quid a year” – before you say there is no evidence I will remind you that there certainly IS. In public domain soon.

Don’t take it from me though, the Morgan camp has now split and this is from their own side. Well, one of them

A Morgan is far more than a professional mourner he is highly paid, prostituting fees, with spurious unproven twaddle, jumping on every political bandwagon, desperate to keep his puerile public profile in the news and profiteering on the murder of his brother. He is now masquerading as a co-author, of further junk rhetoric, yet again profiteering on his brother’s murder, as Alastair Morgan’s desperation increases, to maintain his rapidly diminishing profile. His pathetic attempts to blow smoke-screens, and wild speculative theories, that become ever more conspiratorial, as he continues to harangue Rees, and others, when there is simply no tangible evidence whatsoever, to support such unwarranted allegations that one can only believe that A Morgan is concealing, and diverting, suspicion away on to others. It is that distasteful. As the “bard” wrote “methinks he doth protest too much” and far too often.


About Ciaran Goggins

Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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