“Eye on Wales”.

Waded through twenty five minutes of badly researched material, opening with that old canard of serious police corruption being the reason for Daniel Morgan being murdered.

So we will ignore his links to a Maltese crime family and the fact that he was involved in at least one extra marital affair?

Why was the initial and most crucial investigation (carried out on the night of the murder) so flawed? I shall keep quiet about that for the moment, but will focus on Op Abelard II (derailed and subverted, by known paid police informer, Derek Haslam) and Op Nigeria. The half Jamaican Haslam bugged Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery’s office at “Southern Investigations” for The Met, however, no evidence was found to implicate Rees, Fillery or the Vian Brothers.

Alastair Morgan alludes in the “Eye on Wales” programme to a phone call death threat with a Maltese Italian accent.

As to the recent Court of Appeal verdict, HHJ Mitting is, like HHJ Holroyde and HHJ Rafferty, “far from clean”.

Finally, ex DCS Dave Cook as sacrificial lamb. Soon, damaging revelations. Very.



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