Rt Hon Paul Flynn M.P

Mr Flynn is the M.P for Daniel Morgan’s family constituency, as such he is tabling an EDM. There are now two narratives, concerning the murder and its subsequent cover up. One held by Flynn and his cohorts, police shills such as “author” Peter Jukes and his coterie, namely that Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers are criminal masterminds equal to, or surpassing in skill, Hannibal Lecter. Able to evade justice half a dozen times with ease.

The other is that the initial investigation was a shambles, and in typical plod fashion, blame was shifted onto Messers Rees, Vian, Fillery, Cook et al. Following this, Derek Haslam was sent in as a shabby con man to inveigle and betray his erstwhile pals at “Southern Investigations”. Haslam, an alcoholic, recently shot his mouth off, whilst being filmed and recorded covertly. This will be put in the public domain later.

Now to return to Flynn. The Labour party were slow to deal with the matter of Haslam sabotaging ex miners compensation claims in Thurnscoe. John Healey M.P moved with snail like speed to investigate. Flynn has links to the Israel lobby at Westminster.



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