Daniel Morgan – 30 years on.

Vikram Dodd once again shows that he is far from neutral, or accurate. In his article today, riddled with errors, he tries to character assassinate Jonathan Rees and other innocent men.


Dodd alludes to “murderers” plural, then repeats the allegation that one of the Vians is a killer. Odd, then, that 50 million quid’s worth of plod’s finest could gather no evidence to support this.

Kevin Lennon is the witness Dodd mentions, yet Lennon had a large cloud hanging over his veracity.

As to Alex Marunchak, that is the same Marunchak being sued unsuccessfully by Dodd’s pal Ian Hurst, who falsely claimed to have handled Stakeknife. Hurst now operates a dodgy firm in Bolton.

Bryan Madagan also stated that Daniel Morgan was given to flights of fancy, yet as this does not back up Dodd’s tenuous theory, it is jettisoned.

Now to Dodd’s star witness “undercover operative” Derek Haslam. I am glad Dodd consulted the Gruaniad legal department, as “undercover operative” means that New Scotland Yard could get away without too close a connection to the peripatetic Haslam, who recently sold his house in Lynn Road, Southery. The “Daily Mail” gives a far more apposite analysis, Haslam is, and was, a paid police perjurer who derailed many high profile trials and sabotaged the Morgan murder inquiries from within. Haslam also framed animal rights activists, after leaving the Metropolitan Police due to mental illness.

Dodd disregards the fact that Rees and the Vian Brothers are appealing HHJ Mitting’s ruling. Mitting links to the bent Holroyde and Rafferty.

Finally to Det Con Alan “Taffy” Holmes and his suicide. Again Dodd’s star turn Haslam appears, Holmes was on his way to confront Haslam shortly before killing himself. It was the main reason in “Manor Of Bensham 7114” lodge expelling half Jamaican Haslam in disgrace.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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