Susan Haslam and domestic violence.

It seems that the strain is getting to ex Det Con Derek Haslam with Cambridgeshire Constabulary trying not to get involved in a domestic incident recently. Haslam’s wife, Susan, may have gained a black eye by “walking into a door”. A generational thing, Haslam pere (a Jamaican) chastised his Mother.

Det Sgt John “O.J” Davidson was detested by Haslam. Davidson, a large Scot, was quite forceful when a drunken (comme d’habitude) Haslam kept pestering a married WPC at a Christmas dinner. Davidson ejected Haslam from the premises, none too gently.

Finally, marital pugilist Haslam (I cannot say wife beater for legal reasons) has other things in common with Peter Jukes. Innocent whistle. It will become plainer in a short while.


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