Is it wise for “Press Gang” to publish so soon after April Fool’s Day?

To begin with – Mitting is far from clean, he took the Met’s side over Plebgate, the rest of the nation believed Mitchell.

The recent trial of Jonathan Rees, the Vian brothers and Sid Fillery was not a victory for plod, the use of witnesses such as James Ward and Gary Eaton showed how desperate and vindictive ex DCS Dave Cook was to frame Rees and the others.

Kevin Lennon is a poor choice to quote, veracity was never his forte.

Now to Sid Fillery and a classic case of divide and conquer. Mitting split his ruling, the non police were left dangling in the wind and ex Det Sgt Fillery awarded a settlement. Paddy French alludes to the conviction of Fillery for child pornography, but not to ex Det Con Derek Haslam planting it from his own computer. I had a pleasant Sunday learning that the net is closing in on Haslam, after chatting to a nice chap in England.

Baroness O’Loan will have awkward questions to answer over her connection to Dave Wood.

Finally, the reason for Daniel Morgan’s murder, Press Gang are sticking with New Scotland Yard’s narrative, a scandal brewing and the hapless Morgan fatally uncovering it.

More likely are Mr Morgan’s connections to Maltese drug dealers and cuckoldry. A shabby little story, a shabby little world.


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