BBC and Stakeknife.

The Grauniad plunges ever downward with today’s take on the upcoming “Panorama” documentary.

Given that Henry McDonald is quite the crypto loyalist he omits the fact that Ian Hurst is a mortgage defaulter, hence part of his flight from Ireland. No need to worry Sgt Hurst, the Garda are far more concerned with covering up their role in the murder of Eddie Fullerton, than your location.

McDonald almost gets it wrong with his assertion that Scappaticci may have been Stakeknife. He was “Kerbstone”. The reason the Ministry of Defence gagged Hurst is that he is, at best, a dangerous Walter Mitty figure.

McDonald states that Hurst is quoted going on about the police “turning a blind eye” to illegality. Greater Manchester Police certainly do, regarding Hurst’s current quasi criminal activity. Birds of a feather flock together and Hurst is desperate to make money for his daughter Enya’s upcoming wedding.

In that he links to Peter Jukes, desperate to flog plod’s narrative on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up – Hurst links to disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam, who wants us to think he is in Mallorca. True, it is his chav spiritual home, so one will not mention his son Stuart Ritchie Haslam of South Green near Peterborough and his arrest in a Pattaya whore house. Thai police are so ready to accept bribes.

Finally Haslam and Hurst link via animal rights, Haslam infiltrated and sabotaged SHAC whilst with “Verify” and Hurst is implicated in Bolton dog fight betting.

I had hoped to get through today without mention of Martin McGuinness, on the two occasions I met him he failed to impress me. However – Ian Hurst “an intelligence officer” (actually Enya’s Dad was an NCO) is going to milk Martin’s death for all it is worth, so let us clear up some lacunae.

“Half of the IRA worked for UK intelligence”. No, very few did, but those who did caused great damage.

“Scappaticci worked for UK intelligence” perhaps, but Hurst never dealt with him. It can be confirmed that Garda were, and are in the pay of MI5/6.

Mossad – Hurst was a player. Correct, and radical Islam now know where the porcine Ian lives in Bolton (and Bergerac, and Granada).

Peter Keeley – Kevin Fulton – links to Ian Hurst via a court case, Hurst is trying to sue Alex Marunchak (see wife beater Derek Haslam for more).

To conclude – Mairia Cahill – “raped” yet returned for more. Tell Grandfather Joe to pay his taxi fare please.


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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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