Ian Hurst and Stakeknife.

Last night’s Panorama dealing with Stakeknife looked at the “Cook Report” from August 1993 and included an interview with Sylvia Jones (genuflects, blesses self). We go from the Beauty to the Beast with the dishevelled figure of Ian Hurst bleating about “the greater good” (would that encompass his failed career as a computer hacker?)

The BBC describes Hurst as a “nemesis” – unless alluding to veracity one wonders why. Hurst, at best a Lidl’s version of Walter Mitty, went with the narrative of being a “Crusader for Justice”.

Smithwick did not call Hurst as he has zero credibility. The Twitterati may wish to see him @iTraceUK where even demented lesbian Beatrix Campbell is getting in on the act. How many tours of duty did she do then?

Update for Fliss – I do not think “Jim Cognito” is yet another Peter Jukes sock muppet account, but is an ally of the Armenian Shakespeare.





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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.
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2 Responses to Ian Hurst and Stakeknife.

  1. thorella says:

    Was Martin McGuinness Stakeknife? Panorama would only produce such a documentary to back up the government and its agencies as they did in 2008 to cover up the government’s role in running VAT carousel frauds.

    • McGuinness did not work for the British, Hurst’s bosses put that out, not reliable. Rather like “Abacus Security” on that note I am digging on Haslam and how Asil Nadir and Barry Beardall were fitted up. Haslam must be popular EVERYONE is looking for him;)

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