Costa Del Croydon.

Where is Derek G Haslam? Not at 6 Revelstoke Rd, Putney, SW18 that is for sure, but he was born there 19 October 1947.
Moving on over a decade – and by 1958 it is 19 Fishponds Rd, SW17, where Ellen J Stow’s youngest son is hiding out. She was born in Bayswater in 1915, not, as Haslam claims the daughter of a high court judge, merely the daughter of a law courts messenger.
Her father Charles had come up to London from Ipswich. He married an Alice Canniford from Broadhembury, Devon then lived at 147 Clonmore St, London SW. Self aggrandisment and mendacity are Haslam hallmarks, he always over exaggerated on the “My Telegraph” site. So, no old Harrovians.

Haslam senior was from Jamaica, slaves leave few, if any, traces in history, though “Roots” is a great TV programme.

Onto Mrs Haslam, the former Susan R Probert. She lived in Limes Avenue, Carshalton before getting married and it is to there that Derek Haslam fled when Alan “Taffy” Holmes went looking for him to try and shoot him. In fact, Haslam might be not that far from his wife’s ancestral spawning ground after having to flee Norfolk.

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